Embodied Leadership 

& Autopoetic Facilitator
Certification Training

10-month professional development and certification program with Anne Bérubé Ph.D.

Next cohort: April 2024 to January 2025, with the live program being held May 23-27, 2024, at Oceanstone Seaside Resort, Nova Scotia.



"I am inviting you to sustain your commitment to your own evolution and spiritual growth by participating in this program aimed at accelerating your transformation, embodying your unique medicine, and claiming the leader within. This 10-month certification training will increase your capacity to support others as they open to new information and experiences and commit to their own evolution."

- Anne Berube 

Are you ready to take the next step in your personal evolution?

This program is designed with my advanced students and clients in mind. It is a guided journey for individuals who have already taken a program with me: the Happy Sessions (live or online), The Celestial Sessions, The Spirit Cruise, Embodied Leadership weekend or 3 hour workshop, Conscious Living Retreat, Come Home to Your Soul, or the Transcending Burnout Virtual retreat.

During the training, you will be invited to:

  • Claim the power of your feminine fire and personal identity (Leveraging authenticity and redefining “brand”)
  • Master the art of process transformation (autopoetic healing)
  • Redefine success for a new era
    Embody your wisdom and your one reality
  • Channel unwavering commitment and focus (on what really matters)
  • Build the foundation of unshakable confidence
  • Create safety through integrity

Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

  • You have witnessed an acceleration of evolution in your own life.

  • You know that a combination of love, safety, vulnerability, courage and sacred energies can heal the mind and the body and allow you to tap into the memory of the unique signal you came here to express.

  • You want to share your gifts with others so they too can discover their capacity as the creator of realities.

  • You want to support others in remembering innate truths and committing to their own path of transformation.

  • You remember yourself as a teacher, a healer, a coach, a guide, a mentor, a creator.

  • Your path has led you to recognize that life is an ongoing autopoetic (creative and organic) process best engaged from a place of being and feeling first.

  • You know that you are much more than your mind and body, that you are actually an intelligent field of endless possibilities.
  • You have experienced the healing power of the combination of your conscious breath and your purposefully directed attention.


This 10-month Certification Training includes:

    • 15 hours of group facilitation training, process transformation, accelerated evolution, and deepening of personal spiritual practice with Anne at Oceanstone Seaside Resort, Nova Scotia, Canada

    • All meals for the 5-day live training

    • Two Happy Sessions Retreat Tuition (the concurrent program and one extra)

    • 2 hands-on practicum opportunity at the Happy Sessions (concurrent program and one extra)

    • 2 private phone coaching sessions with Anne

    • 10 group meetings via Zoom

    • One year of access to the online Autopoetic Facilitator community portal

    • A training manual with tools and models to support you as a Facilitator and an embodied leader

    • Successful participants receive a certificate as an Autopoetic Facilitator granted by Anne Berube B.Ed, Ph.D.

    • Professional listing on https://www.anneberube.com/professional-listing



$3899 + HST 

Payment plans available.

Meals for the 5-day training included.

Accommodation not included.

Contact Oceanstone Seaside Resort to book your preferred accommodation. 

Returning Graduates:

Discounted rate is available for the live training and the 10 Zoom group calls.

To receive more information and to register, please email Anne(at)AnneBerube(dot)Com


One payment of


Plus HST

Meals for the 5-day training included.

10 group meetings via Zoom

2 private coaching sessions with Anne via Zoom


Three payments of


Plus HST

Meals for the 5-day training included.

10 group meetings via Zoom

2 private coaching sessions with Anne via Zoom


Six payments of


Plus HST

Meals for the 5-day training included.

10 group meetings via Zoom

2 private coaching sessions with Anne via Zoom


Embodied Leadership conversation with Stephane Leblanc, director of the International Centre for Conscious Leadership

"The Embodied Leadership Facilitators Certification has been nothing short of a transformative journey. Through Anne's inspiring leadership and ability to hold loving space, I have found a way to heal the roots of repeated cycles of burnout, to tap into the deep wisdom of my emotional world and body after years of suppressing and ignoring it. I've learned how to compassionately release identities that no longer serve me, to profoundly shift the relationship I have with myself, and to reparent my inner child. I now trust my inner knowing as my compass to living my truth moment to moment. This program has brought me deep healing, clarity of purpose, a sisterhood of soulful women, and confidence to finally embrace the teacher and healer I've always known myself to BE."

Charmaine Lee, Ontario, Canada

"In working with Anne, I was able to discover and embrace all aspects of who I truly am; she seems to hold a key that helps unlock previously unfulfilled potential. I am now better connected with my authentic self and no longer fear my power and strength. If you wish to push yourself to your next level of greatness, I highly recommend working with her. "

Maggie MacGillivray
Golden Realty Group

"Anne’s Embodied Leadership course has taught me a profound lesson about how to surrender to feelings that need to move through me, and that indeed our bodies are bio-processors…they are ready and willing to do the work when our minds get out of the way ! It has changed my life for the better, and prepared me to share this work with others to help them experience the accelerated healing that can be achieved through the breath. It may be hard to believe that a simple approach that uses deep and focused breathing can change your life, but the results speak for themselves. I choose my words purposefully when I say simply that Anne is a truly brilliant teacher and healer. "

Nancy Regan
Podcast Host and Author

Led by Hay House author and spiritual coach Dr. Anne Berube, this transformational program is offered at beautiful and mystical Oceanstone Seaside Retreat in Nova Scotia, Canada. The land, the sea, the trees, the moss, the brooks, the fauna.. all echo the processing we do and hold us, help us to remember our divinity, our true nature. To be able to do this kind of work on a property like Oceasntone is a magical gift to all who attend. 


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