Lemurian Huna on Kauai 


An Embodied Spirituality Retreat 

November 2nd-10th, 2021

November 15th-23rd, 2021

March 14th-22nd, 2022  SOLD OUT

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Set on a private retreat in one of the most potent energetic portals in the world.

Immerse yourself in the spirituality of the ancient Hawaiians.

Explore the 6th and 7th level of consciousness ensconced in the lush vegetation of this 5000-year-old Garden Island.

This program will be accelerated, esoteric, shamanic and sacred.

It’s not about finding, it’s about revealing. 

Dr. Anne Bérubé

Transcendental Experiences

Daily programming led by Dr. Anne Bérubé and special guests.

Nourishing Meals

High-vibrational food prepared by private chefs using fresh local ingredients.

Adventure and Camaraderie

Group excursions exploring spiritual hot spots around the island.

Learn to channel Lemurian healing energies and remember your unique medicine.

Come home to Uli, The Great Mother, as you are nourished and healed by the water and earth elements.

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Recommended to Book in Advance:

Two-Hour Hawaiian Massage


In 2006, my husband and I travelled to Kauai for the first time after hearing that the island was the epicentre of Lemuria, the ancient continent of 30 000 years ago. Coming off the plane, we immediately felt like we had arrived home and never wanted to leave.

A friend introduced us to Hawaiian Kahuna, Laura Kealoha Yardley, with whom I began studying the spirituality of the ancient Hawaiians, Lemurian Huna. Since then, I have returned many times to the island to deepen my shamanic studies with Laura and other teachers.

My studies on the motherland have taken me to incredible depths within myself, experiencing my true nature as a divine being of light.

According to the legend, the sinking of the continent of Lemuria created the separation from our divinity. But we can come back to living at this level of consciousness again. We can connect with a memory of life before the separation.

Imagine life as an androgynous light being with a high level of consciousness, communicating telepathically, and deeply connected to nature, the animals, and each other.

Kauai is an extraordinary place where we can remember and experience our essential nature as a spiritual being.

The best part is that Kauai can come home with us because our celestial home is a state we can cultivate.

In the teaching element of the program Anne will lead four 3-hour sessions during which you will be invited to tap into embodied shamanism using the Lemurian Huna energies of Kauai, the motherland.

Of course the conversations will continue as we enjoy the forest, the beach, and communal meals. 

In addition the above, we will take group excursions to spiritual destinations.  

The veil on Kauai is thin as the island vibrates at a higher frequency than most places in the world. Therefore it is easier to experience the 5th dimension of existence. Mysteries are more easily revealed to whomever stills the mind, connects with earth and water within and without, comes with an intention of love and service, and wishes to remember who they truly are, their ancient healer self. The Great Mother, Uli, works closely with you as you surrender to the divine love that moves through you and reveals its vision and insights for co-creation. Inductions, invocations, shamanic journeying, chanting, movement, and writing will all be used to deepen the experience of an embodied wisdom.

These sessions will also support anyone looking to expand their consciousness into the higher level of expression in this life, to make a difference in the world and to be of service. 

No matter where you find yourself on the path, the energies will meet you where you are at and invite you to your next expansion. You simply need to bring an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to step into the creative leader you are.  

There are 2 group excursions included in the package:

Napali Coast Hike and Hanalei Bay:

The Napali Coast is the most dramatic landscape on Kauai. It is not accessible by car. We will begin the morning by hiking the coast from Ke'e and take in the magnificent views of the Napali Coast. We will make our way to a powerful meditation spot on the rocks of one of the secluded beaches and bask in the vibrations of this portal. Then we will go for lunch in the quaint and stunning town of Hanalei Bay, explore the shops and the enjoy the idyllic beach. In the evening we will watch the famous sunset over Hanalei Bay.

Waimea Canyon and South Shore: There is a place at the top of the canyon where you can see between worlds: the land of the Ancient Hawaiians and the land of the Lemurians. We will spend time up there, in quiet stillness, inviting and allowing vision and insights to merge into our body. 

Then we will stop at the Waimea Plantation hotel to visit another energetic portal under an old-growth Banyan tree. 

On our way back we will stop in the popular town of Poipu for some lunch and shop browsing. We will visit the spouting horn and the quaint town of Koloa.

We will also take a trip to top of the Wailua river where the energies are conducive to shamanic journeying. 


On one level, this program is for you if you are deeply curious about any of the following topics: shamanism, Huna, the unique energy of the Hawaiian Islands, the legend of Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu, the Pleiades star constellation, Telos, Mount Shasta, Ramtha.

However, the best way to know if you should attend is to tune in to yourself. Do you feel the call? A mysterious pull? Is this a non-negotiable thing you have to do? For yourself and for your spiritual development?

You don't need to be a shaman or a healer to attend, but you will be invited to explore that aspect of yourself and develop your ability as a psychic, intuitive and energy healer through the medium of embodied shamanism.

This program is immersive and experiential, if you want to get out of your head and into the direct experience of your divinity in your body, then fasten your seat belt, because you are in the right place.

Every part of this program is manifested with intent.

We have limited spots available and have already received multiple requests for information. So we are asking potential attendees to apply to attend.

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The program will be catered by our own private chef, award wining restauranteur Paul MacInnis, who will serve high vibrational and delicious foods, sourced from the local offerings. All meals are included in the package, except during the excursions when we will eat at local restaurants. Most allergies and dietary restrictions can be accommodated, please check before you register. 

Nestled in the lush vegetation of the north shore of Kauai near beautiful Moloaa Bay, this is a place to remember your connection with nature. Our group will have exclusive use of this private property.

When building the living spaces, the owners strived to create balance with nature. Structures are integrated into the landscape and have been constructed with many reclaimed materials from teak and sandalwood buildings in Thailand to doors and windows from Bali.

Each space was intentionally built to nestle in the natural landscape as to feel apart of the surroundings. It truly is a natural paradise, with mango, avocado, and plumeria trees as well as ginger and Pikake flowers, to name just a few.

There is wifi but no a/c. The temperatures in Kauai during our retreats are usually ideal, in the +/- 70 F or 20 C. The trade winds, the lush vegetation, and the large screen windows keep the rooms naturally cool. There are standup fans to use as well.

Your destination is Lihue Airport (LIH).

Most itineraries rely on daily flights to and from Honolulu, HI. However, there are sometimes direct flights from the US mainland and Canada.   

Canadian participants will find that West Jet has reasonably priced flights with minimal stops. We've timed the retreat to match their best itineraries.

We recommend that you arrive on the 14th and leave on the 22nd. You are welcome to extend your stay in either direction, and we are happy to recommend hotels and other accommodation. 

Airport pick up and drop off are included in the package, as well as transportation during our excursion days.

If you want to explore the island during program downtime you may want to rent a vehicle (on your own or with a new friend). Kauai has very few public transportation options and is best explored by car. 

Our culinary team will make frequent shopping trips and can pick up grocery and over the counter pharmacy items. 

Cooling off period: within 72 hours of registering for the program you may request and receive a 100% refund. The request must be made by email to assistant[at]anneberube.com

After the cooling-off period, and before the event, a 15% non-refundable processing fee will be deducted from registration refunds. 

Refund Schedule  

  • 100% refund when requested less than 72 hours after registration.

  • 85% refund when requested six months before the event

  • 50% refund when requested three months before the event.

  • No refund when requested after the three month mark.

Payment Plans

In the case of payment plans, the 15% non-refundable processing fee will be calculated based on the total retreat or event value not the total of payments made to date.    


Registration is transferable in certain circumstances.

  • An urgent medical, professional, or family situation makes attendance impossible 
  • The future program takes place within 14 months of the original program 

Please send a written request for transfer to assistant[at]anneberube.com 

Services are non-refundable once rendered. 

The overall vibe of the accommodation might best be described as “bohemian glamping.” 

The lower half of the property features single occupancy cabins and camping spots. Everyone has access to a communal eating area, charming and private outdoor showers, and stand alone washrooms with toilets and sinks. 

  • Single occupancy cabins include your own Queen size bed which can be shared at no additional cost.  
  • Camping package includes tent, sleeping bag, mat, pillow, towel, and lamp. All set-up and waiting for you on arrival. 

The upper half of the property features shared accommodation in a variety of suites. Each has its own character and charm.

  • Shared accommodations have their own kitchenettes, washrooms and showers.
  • 3-4 people per unit. 
  • Options for beds include queen beds, day beds, and cots.
  • Accommodation price is based on bed choice. 
  • There is no extra charge for sharing a queen bed

Offsite: stay at a local Air BnB or Hotel. (You will need to arrange your own transportation to and from the venue.)

Apply To Attend 

We have limited spots available and have already received multiple requests for information. So we are asking potential attendees to apply to attend.
Click an "Apply" button below to access our application form (no credit card required). Fill it out, and we'll get back to you via email to set up a brief phone interview. We want to be sure that this program is right for you!



All Programming 

Meal Program

Accommodation Not Included 

Camping Package add $495


Airport pick-up /drop-off




All Programming 

Meal Program

Shared Accommodation 

Private Shower and Washroom

Day Bed or Cot 

Queen Bed add $595
(can be shared)


Airport pick-up / drop-off




All Programming 

Meal Program

Single Occupancy Private Cabin

Queen Sized Bed 

Shared Shower and Washroom 


Airport pick-up / drop-off


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