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Anne's signature event. A transformational weekend retreat. We become aware of our soul’s calling and develop a deep sense of self-compassion and soul-reliance.

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Lemurian Huna on Kauai 

An Embodied Spirituality Retreat 

November 2-10, 2021


Discover Be Feel Think Do: A Memoir

In her inspirational memoir, spiritual coach and public speaker Anne Bérubé explores her journey of learning how to prioritize being and feeling in order to experience life richly, fully, and true to her soul's calling. At the age of 23 Anne's life was interrupted by a near fatal car accident and mystical experience. Trapped in the car, unable to breathe, she had a vision that forever realigned her life's trajectory. The following years were marked by chronic pain, emotional turmoil, and malaise, through which her journey of introspection and personal transformation would eventually lead to profound insights around self-healing, inner peace, and soul-realization. Anne opens her heart and her mind to the universe's wisdom, providing guidance and comfort to those who feel at the precipice of change and awakening.

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"Anne’s soul searching story is gripping and powerfully written. Witnessing her transformation redefines possibility. If you love memoirs that read like a good romantic novel, then she does not disappoint. If you enjoy lessons interwoven into great storytelling, then you will love Be Feel Think Do. You will see clearly your own fork in the road and how the brave path pays off with the real goods in life."

Julie Daniluk, RN
Best Selling Author

"Be Feel Think Do artfully combines personal narrative and poignant insights as Anne guides her reader to the sustainable source of happiness that is our natural state."

Deepak Chopra, MD
Best Selling Author

"A beautiful book about what happens when your soul wakes you up to who you really are, when you follow your heart and learn to trust the wild inner knowing to discover a life beyond what you thought possible. In the midst of so many self-help and spiritual books, Anne Berube has penned a memoir well worth reading."

Colette Baron Reid
Best Selling Author

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Free Mini Course: Decoding the Wisdom of Feel, a foundation of sustainable happiness and authenticity.    


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