A Guided Writing Retreat in Tuscany

with Anne Bérubé, PhD

Siena, Italy  |  May 24-30, 2025


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Why Tuscany?


For centuries, the breathtaking Tuscan countryside has sparked the imaginations of writers. Now, it's your turn to dive into its enchanting beauty and savor la dolce vita. Welcome to Ebbio, an idyllic haven nestled in the heart of Tuscany, perfect for seekers of tranquility and inspiration.

This beautifully restored 13th-century farm, perched within an evergreen forest atop an ancient Etruscan volcano, provides a serene escape where creativity can thrive. From your window, marvel at the medieval walled town of Monteriggioni and let its timeless charm ignite your imagination.

About the Retreat:


At a very young age, I began keeping a journal. Writing fulfilled my desire to understand myself. Overwhelmed or lost, putting pen to paper illuminated my path forward. Join me in Tuscany for a guided writing retreat where we will explore our inner voices and express our unique stories.

Join Anne in Tuscany

A Guided Writing Retreat in Tuscany with Anne Bérubé, PhD

At a very young age, I began keeping a journal. I discovered early on that writing fulfilled my desire to understand myself. Often, when I feel overwhelmed, confused, or lost, putting pen to paper illuminates the path forward. I have come to know that unease, anxiety, or frustration are simply the way my fire speaks to me; they are the expressions of the impulse of new information wanting to be understood that has yet to be channelled. 

The pull within me to understand myself and do it through stringing together sentences and paragraphs has been with me since I can remember. Even when I didn't consciously know it as my life's purpose, I was drawn to others who did so. I was inspired by deep and vulnerable authors, ones who were brave and bold, expressing from the edge of the unknown within themselves.

This pull within me is the constant in my life. It is the "why" I was born. It is who I am through and through. Without it, I wouldn't be here. I would have no purpose. 

I have also seen how sharing writings from the soul, telling the story only we can tell, is powerful and transformative for the reader. Over the years, I have learned how to share in a way that the reader can relate to the narratives and how the audience can connect the words to their own lives. Writing our story is one thing. Sharing it in a way that can impact someone's life and bring transformation and growth is an art.

In 2025, I am thrilled to lead a guided writing retreat in the picturesque setting of Tuscany, Italy. Our venue is a beautifully restored thirteenth-century farm, offering a serene and inspiring environment for us to delve into our writing, connect with our inner stirrings, and allow them to flow freely. It's a place where we can find clarity and be the vessel for our stories to be expressed. 

Whether you are a writer seeking to dedicate time to a project under the guidance of a bestselling self-help author; someone who has felt the urge to write but never had the chance, or simply a soul yearning to express itself, this retreat offers a unique opportunity. Led by me, this retreat is designed to help you bring your inner voice to life. 

Every day, you will receive guidance from me, have hours to write, be given opportunities to share your writing with the group and receive feedback to help you progress in your creation. 

You will leave with content you love, and creating it won't feel hard or daunting!

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Retreat Location


The retreat is set on a beautifully restored thirteenth-century rustic farmhouse in Monteriggioni, Siena, Italy with breathtaking views surrounded by nature.

Upon arrival, you'll be greeted with a warm benvenuto from our gracious hosts, who not only oversee the property but also care for various farm animals. Enjoy daily homemade vegetarian meals prepared with fresh ingredients from their organic farm. Embrace nature as a source of inspiration and nourishment throughout your stay, and let the magia of Tuscany fuel your writing journey.

Participant in a deep meditation session during the retreat
Tranquil beach in Kauai, capturing the serene environment of the Lemurian Huna Retreat.
Participant in a deep meditation session during the retreat
Tranquil beach in Kauai, capturing the serene environment of the Lemurian Huna Retreat.
Participant in a deep meditation session during the retreat
Tranquil beach in Kauai, capturing the serene environment of the Lemurian Huna Retreat.

Accommodation Options

Selecting your accommodation is simple and tailored to your preferences and budget. You can opt for a single, double shared occupancy, or triple shared occupancy room.

If you're hesitant about sharing a room or if you're attending solo, fret not. Sharing a room is an integral part of the experience, fostering connections and friendships that can last a lifetime.

For any inquiries before booking, feel free to contact Annie Orzechowska at [email protected]. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

Private Room

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Double Room

A single bed in a shared double room. (Most Popular)


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Triple Room

A single bed in a shared triple room. (Most Economical)


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Additional Information & Details


The six-night retreat has been thoughtfully designed to enhance your writing skills while also nourishing your soul creatively, physically, and spiritually. Expect a week of enriching writing seminars,  complemented by visits to surprise locations and activities within the estate, with ample time to explore this charming region of Italy during your downtime. Expect to leave recharged, focused, and invigorated. Below is a sample agenda, subject to change.

Example Itinerary:

Saturday - Arrival Day:

4:00 PM Arrival - settle in and meet everyone

6:00 PM Welcome & Aperitivo

8:00 PM Dinner under the Tuscan stars


Sample Day:

8:00 AM Tea & fresh fruit

9:30 AM Writing session led by Anne

11:30 AM Farm-to-table organic vegetarian brunch

Afternoon free for writing/excursions/activities

6:30 PM Dinner in the beautiful outdoor pergola

7:30 PM Sharing circles


Friday - Departure Day:

8:00 am Breakfast 

9:00 am Closing session led by Anne

10:30 am Departures


Excursions / Food / Other Highlights


Whether you choose to stay on-site or venture out during your downtime, there are many incredible activities to ignite your creativity and enhance your writing. Discover the magic of the area around the retreat center and see why Italy will leave an indelible mark on your heart. Indulge in local delights, embrace the dolce vita, and let la bella Italia inspire your words and soul.

Embrace the wealth of experiences in the area


For an additional fee, seize your downtime with horseback riding adventures or opt to rent a bike and traverse the rolling hills of Tuscany at your leisure. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of natural rivers nearby, or for those seeking meaningful engagement, consider volunteering on the property to contribute positively to the local environment.


Discover Tuscany's famous thermal springs 

Tuscany's renowned thermal springs, a testament to its volcanic history, offer a serene escape amidst lush landscapes. Discover treasures like Bagni Vignone (40km), Rapolano Terme (45km), and Bagni San Filippo (80km) for tranquil retreats. Explore at your leisure, but transportation there and back will need to be arranged by you.




Prepare to be well accommodated


Experience a continuous sense of welcome throughout your stay. The on-site team will prepare fresh organic vegetarian meals daily. Although this is a retreat center, your writing journey in Italy will feel more like visiting long-lost family in the Italian countryside, hosted by a nonna you never knew you had. Arrive hungry to ignite your creative spirit and leave with a sense of newfound family. 


"Looking forward to seeing you in Italy. Ciao!"

– Anne Bérubé