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When I decided I wanted to do my Ph.D., it was very much a decision from my intellect. I wanted to become a university professor, and graduate work was the path to it. It was a practical, logical, and ego-pleasing want. I know now that the core essence impulse inside me wanted to be a teacher, but I let my mind decide how. I worked hard at it, persevered and I did achieve my goal. However, when I graduated, I did not have the feeling of joy I thought I would have, but instead, I found myself wondering, what’s next?
This is an example of self-realization as opposed to soul-realization. I had an idea of who I wanted to become, and I put all my attention towards becoming that person. You may be able to do anything you put your focus on, but self-realization is ephemeral. It doesn’t satisfy the soul.
  Soul-realization, on the other hand, is eternal. Instead of putting your focus on goals, your self-image, or what you think you want, you place it on the abstract inner...

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Ask for for you need

Happy June beautiful souls!
Learning how to ask for what you need is a powerful agent of transformation. When you speak up for what you need, you begin to attract what is necessary for your needs to be met—and your life changes.
Voicing on the outside what is true inside creates your reality, your words make things so. So, if you have been trying to do all this spiritual and emotional work on your own and you have not asked for help, this is when I tell you that you can only go so far alone : )
You can get insights on your own, reading books and taking courses but without a witness in the flesh combined with your voice asking out loud for support, you are only doing the preliminary work of transformation. Things really change when you speak up and give your heart's needs a voice.
But often, we don't even know what we need. Especially if it's been a long time since we’ve listened and connected to that part of ourselves. It can be difficult to access your desires if you...
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Soul Realization

#soulrealization May 18, 2021
Expressing and actualizing the light of our soul is life-giving. It awakens us, enlivens us, inspires our body and our mind, even when this fire comes up as anger, sadness, or hurt. Interfering with this light as it wants to move through our body, is life-interrupting, it stops creativity and strengthens shame and fear, and it isolates us.
My adult brain understands this. But my body tells a different story. Every time I try to go beyond the walls of protection I have built inside, no matter how much I know what I want and who I am, my body sounding the alarm: this is not safe?
As very young children, our light moved through our bodies uninterrupted. We existed as one reality, with a beautiful coherence between our soul, our feelings, our thoughts, our words, and our actions. One us. We had a reverence for this life-force as it guided us creatively through each moment, we were whole. As we grew up, it became more important to manage our light and control...
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Lasting Transformation Happens in the Body

#transformation May 05, 2021

           You can understand a spiritual concept intellectually, which will help you make small incremental changes. It will bring you a certain earthly fulfillment and help you realize the image you envision of yourself. But the deep and lasting spiritual healing, the kind your soul is craving, and that takes you out of burnout and into your full power, cant happen until you take the concept from the intellect into the body. You have to integrate the process in the cells of your body. This is what you came for. You were made to do this. This changes the fabric of your soul and will stay with you in future lifetimes.

            I know from experience that choosing to look in and pay attention to your baggage can be intense, overwhelming, and often feel like you are doing things wrong. At this point in the process, I want you to know that this feeling is...

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Shame is Layered and Sneaky

When we do the healing work, it is not easy to face the wound of our inner child, because shame is layered and sneaky. It is one of the more difficult emotions to work with. Other emotions are more straightforward. Sadness is sadness, you can identify it more easily. You have been sad before and have seen other people express their sadness. Same with anger. Although you might have judgments about feeling it, you recognize it as is anger, and most of the time, you know what to do to release it. Shame hides and covers up other emotions. When the original wound, for example, sadness or anger, is ignored and isn’t witnessed or validated by another loving person, or worst, if it was made fun of, ridiculed, or used for another person’s benefits, we learn that what we feel is not acceptable. We understand that being sensitive is not useful to survive, and it can actually be emotionally unsafe to be so.
Belonging, love, and safety are essential to the growth of a child....
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Predator Energy

To my empaths and highly sensitive beauties ❤️... remember that there are people who don’t have your best interest at heart and will not have the desire or the capacity to understand why you need to put up a boundary. Some of these people have predator energy. Predator energy desires superiority and power over others and instead of empowering the light in another, it works to dim or extinguish it. This is often associated with personality disorders in the cluster B category of personality disorders, which include antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, and narcissistic personality disorder. Although it is not recommended that you diagnose a person with a disorder without the help of a trained psychologist, it is very helpful to be aware of these personality traits that represent 9.1% of the population.
In Women Who Run With The Wolves, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés writes that because of their hurt, a person...
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Heightened Sensitivity

Often, people who are drawn to service and the spiritual path, were born with a particular kind of openness and sensitivity[1]. So it is more accurate to say that you are unmasking the spiritual sensitivity and capacity for deep emotional experiences that has always been there, than it is to say that your healing made you more sensitive. In this way, you can see that your core essence is a highly sensitive signal, moving through the highly sensitive instrument of your body, allowing you to feel it all. That sensitivity is the reason you can evolve, grow, transform and share your insights with the world. Although it wasn’t necessarily supported let alone celebrated when you were younger, it is the very root of your gift to the world.
Sensitivity is the ability to connect with and see into people and things. Psychologist Elaine Aron, in her research on empaths, found that 15 to 20 percent of the population identifies themselves as highly sensitive or empaths.[2] High...
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Spiritual Practices: When To Let Them Go

When what used to work doesn't anymore, including our spiritual practices, it's an invitation to expand to a new level of consciousness.
Looking back, I can see how many times I have been hard on myself when a practice stopped working. It has been patterns of not trusting, of wanting to control, of holding on tight to the way things are, and of forgetting my essential nature as the sacred and creative emergent source.
It took me time, after my car accident in 2001, to understand the intelligence in it happening. I was injured physically, but it also shook me emotionally. I found myself dependent on others and needing to accept their help. My understanding of love at the time was transactional. In my mind, love always came with conditions. So if I asked for help, I'd expose my vulnerability and open myself up for a dynamic I didn't want to engage in. I was afraid that my inability to navigate it would lead to me losing my freedom in some way. And if I accepted...
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Winter Contemplation

#stillness contemplation Jan 29, 2021

Stop. Right here. Right now.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, and let it out your mouth.

Continue. For a moment.

Stop going so fast. Just stop.

Right here. Right now.

Your heart knows. You are here.


Remember who you are. In your heart.

Stop. Pause. Breathe.

Come home. Be in you.

You are here. Now. How beautiful you are.

You are here in your heart.


Feel. This moment. Your being. You.

You. Are. Here. Now. Breathe.

And remember.

This. Now. Is more important than anything you were doing.

Come back now. Be home.

In the center of your chest.

Everything is there. Nothing is missing.

Breathe. Be here. Be home.

In your heart.

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Embodied Leadership and Divine Service

For more information on my 10-month mastermind Leadership Training and Certification starting in May 2021, visit my website:

This video is a conversation with Stephane Leblanc, director of the International Centre for Conscious Leadership.

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