Transcending Burnout Virtual Retreat


This program is for anyone who over-gives and depletes themselves in the process of serving their families, clients, patients, or communities. It is for those who find it difficult to ask for or receive the care and protection they need. It’s paradigm-shifting, promising a new way of engaging the spirit of service that is energizing, fulfilling, and meaningful. Rather than feeling drained, you will find emotional freedom and empowerment through your innate gifts.

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Embodied Leadership and Facilitator Certification Training

Are you ready to take the next step in your personal evolution?I am inviting you to sustain your commitment to your own evolution and spiritual growth by participating in this program aimed at accelerating your transformation, embodying your unique medicine, and claiming the leader within.

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The Happy Sessions Retreat

The Happy Sessions are based on an individual’s deep inner need for healing, inner meaning, and “soul-realization.” This life-altering weekend will crack you open and bring you back home within yourself where the real you lives. The program is designed to dive deep into the soul of your being, to reconnect with your body as the vehicle your soul chose for this human adventure, and to give you multiple invitations to let go of what is holding you back from living the life you deeply desire.

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Lemurian Huna on Kauai Retreat

An Embodied Spirituality Retreat with Anne Bérubé

Set on a lush private retreat in one of the most potent energetic portals in the world, this program is life-expansive and deeply transformative, on a cellular and soul level. The ancient healing energies of Huna and the Pleiades will welcome you home to the the origin of your being, the roots of the existence of your soul. Immerse yourself in the spirituality of the ancient Hawaiians. Explore the 6th and 7th level of consciousness ensconced in the lush vegetation of this 5000-year-old Garden Island. This program will be accelerated, esoteric, shamanic and sacred. It’s not about finding, it’s about revealing.

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