Make Big Magic: Soul Tribe Live

Get ready to channel unwavering commitment and focus on what really matters in your life! Join me, Elizabeth Gilbert and many more for an evening of inspiration, or make it a weekend with our immersive 2-day program featuring curated workshops and seminars. 


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I Am Gathering Fairmont Banff

I AM gatherings are transformational events that empower you on your personal soul journey.

Are you ready to consciously create the life you desire?

Join Neal Donald Walsh, Nova Wightman, Dandapani, and myself at the next the next I Am Gathering as we help you gain insights, clarity and offer tools to uncover your soul lessons and purpose. Be part of the Awakening!

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Embodied Leadership and Facilitator Certification Training

Are you ready to take the next step in your personal evolution?I am inviting you to sustain your commitment to your own evolution and spiritual growth by participating in this program aimed at accelerating your transformation, embodying your unique medicine, and claiming the leader within.

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The Happy Sessions Retreat

The Happy Sessions are based on an individual’s deep inner need for healing, inner meaning, and “soul-realization.” This life-altering weekend will crack you open and bring you back home within yourself where the real you lives. The program is designed to dive deep into the soul of your being, to reconnect with your body as the vehicle your soul chose for this human adventure, and to give you multiple invitations to let go of what is holding you back from living the life you deeply desire.

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Retour à votre force créatrice

Du 8 au 10 novembre 2019, Anne Bérubé et Manon Lavoie vous invitent au Monastère des Augustines pour une retraite riche et porteuse de sens qui vous fera vivre un retour à votre propre force créatrice. Vous ferez l'expérience d'outils concrets permettant de cultiver un profond sentiment de sécurité intérieure qui permet à votre pouvoir personnel de s’exprimer pleinement et librement. Vous repartirez profondément nourris, apaisés, ancrés. 

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