Redefining Safety and Reprioritizing Life

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2022

Happy New Year, beautiful souls! 

May 2022 be the year you remember who you are and share your unique medicine with the world. We need you to be you, out loud, now more than ever!

With everything that has happened in the past couple of years, it's easy to let fear take over. Many of us have forgotten how to trust life. With our increased focus on the news and the global pandemic, our hearts have entrained with fear-based messaging and anxiety in the people around us. 

We know who we are, and we know what we want. But often, we close in on ourselves unconsciously, from a fear that is not even ours, that does belong to us. 

The incessant low-grade worrying that operates in the background without our conscious awareness sucks our energy. We become exhausted from always "fighting" and "protecting ourselves." Our bodies are intelligent, so to survive, we become apathetic. This is a protection mechanism. Our bodies are trying to keep us healthy and alive by shutting down our ability to feel and extend compassion.

Let's be clear. This is surviving, not living. When did we decide to survive and not focus on thriving? This decision was made unconsciously by many of us when the pandemic started, even if it was to "do the right thing", to "be a good citizen" or "protect our most vulnerable." There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these intentions; we just need to be aware that prioritizing them over Life has a cost. 

We have to check within ourselves and decide, what is my highest value? what is my navigational compass going forward?

It is possible to be a good citizen, do the right thing, and protect our most vulnerable, AND also put Life as our navigating compass. Yes, safety is necessary for healing and growth, and being reckless is not helpful. In fact, safety is a primary value in the work that I do with people. Without it, very little change can happen. But safety is not and can never be the driving force. Safety can't be our core value if we want to thrive and fully expand into our soul's potential.

What if instead of safety first, we put safety second? What would come before? For this, we need to look into the divine feminine way of approaching a challenge or an issue. The divine feminine way always aligns with Life and puts embodied love as the ground value for her decisions. She doesn't need to take sides. She doesn't need to be right. She simply trusts the unfolding of the sacred within her, uncompromisingly. 

So as the new year begins, I am inviting you to examine the role safety plays in your life. Has it overtaken your days? Does it need to be reevaluated? Is it time to make space for life-force to inform your thoughts, your decisions, your words, and your actions? What would your year look like if you reprioritize Life and Love as your primary navigational compass?

Blessings to all


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