The Power of a Pure Heart

#healing trust Oct 09, 2023

Fully feeling the depth of each moment without barriers is a capacity and gift we all possess. We were born sensing our entire body, inner world, and the environment around us, initially without the need for protective walls. We were born fully trusting the people around us, but we did not yet know how to discern what the energy meant. We were new to the world with the powerful instrument of our high sensitivity and, for the first few years, entirely depended on others to protect it.

Understanding the essence of a pure heart

At the centre of our unguarded high sensitivity, at the core of our being, was the most precious thing of all: our pure heart. No matter how old or young our soul is, where we were born and to whom, our gender, race, or ethnicity, we all were born with a pure heart. No exception.

Do you trust that your heart is pure and acts in your best interest? How deep can your trust go? Can you take full responsibility for its safety? Can you feel safe and be sensitive...

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Are You Living a Life With or Without Trust?

trust Sep 08, 2023

Deepening our trust in ourselves and in life allows us to reclaim a power we have disconnected from a long time ago, a power that lives in the body.

When rediscovered, this power helps us tap into our purpose from within and lead our life guided from within.

I'd like to share with you a visual guide—a compass of sorts—that beautifully illustrates the transformation that occurs when we choose to invite trust into our lives.

The chart below juxtaposes 'A life without trust' with 'A life with trust', illuminating the shift from self-doubt to self-love, from the fear of failure to viewing it as an opportunity for growth, and so much more.

It's a gentle reminder that when we choose to trust, we allow our inner light to guide us, transforming our fear into freedom. Now, let's dive into this exploration together.

From Fear to Freedom: 10 Powerful Shifts Through Embracing Trust

A life without trust

A life with trust


Practice self-love

Fear of failure

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On Trust: A Personal and Spiritual Journey

Anne Berube
On Trust: A Personal and Spiritual Journey

An audio version of this blog post is available. Navigate to the audio player above and select the play button to hear this blog post narrated by Anne Bérubé. 

The importance of trust in transformation

I've been thinking a lot about trust lately and how it is such an essential element for any true transformation.

For many of us, trust is fragile, so when we are asked to trust ourselves, our body, that life has our back, or in the process of surrendering, it feels like putting our life into something or someone else's hands and it feels impossible. Yet, we need it to move forward, to allow newness to come into our life, and it is a required ingredient to experience authentic fulfillment.

Trust allows us to be vulnerable while feeling connected and safe. It will enable us to go to new places and explore new territories without worrying that we will be interrupted, arrested, or punished for having put our walls down.

The absence of trust shuts down...

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