A Journey from Perfection to Presence: Embracing Authenticity with Nancy Regan

This podcast conversation was recorded on October 22nd 2022

Last fall, I had the joy of welcoming my dear friend and beautifully authentic spirit, Nancy Regan, to the Embodied podcast. An author, professional communicator, presentation coach, and an inspiring beacon of light, Nancy had penned her first book, From Showing Off to Showing Up: An Impostor's Journey from Perfect to Presence.

About Nancy's book

Nancy’s creation is a divine amalgamation of memoir and self-help, a true call to authenticity, and a guide to living a fearless life. What touches my heart deeply about her book is its gentle encouragement for readers to embrace intimacy with themselves and to find acceptance in every fragment of their being. This approach mirrors Nancy’s journey, and her transformation is interwoven within the words, an echo of her soulful dance with acceptance.

Connecting on a personal level

Our exchange on the podcast was filled with giggles and moments of genuine connection, transcending the formalities of a Zoom interaction. Many listeners are already familiar with our friendship—for those who are meeting Nancy for the first time, she not only helped me refine my public speaking skills for several significant events but also enriched my life with her passion for storytelling and her incredible background as a TV and podcast host.

A journey of acceptance

The discussion was profoundly intimate, revealing the internal struggles of combating self-judgment and embracing self-acceptance. Nancy's book served as a mirror, reflecting the possibility of being kind, accepting, and allowing oneself to feel freely. Her tales resonate with the profound message that it's possible to embrace our entire selves, and to be more loving and accepting, especially towards the parts we often hide.

A conversation about inner critics

Our conversation also delved into the challenges of writing, the whispers of the inner critic that often seek to stifle our creative spirit, especially when embarking on new ventures like writing a first book. We shared anecdotes about our personal battles with our inner impostors and the resilience it takes to continue the creative process amidst self-doubt and criticism.

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Concluding thoughts

In essence, my discussion with Nancy was a beautiful journey through authenticity, self-love, and the power of vulnerability. Nancy's book is not just a read; it's an experience that empowers us to embrace our true selves without judgment. Her stories act as gentle reminders that kindness, acceptance, and emotional intimacy with ourselves can transform our lives.

For those seeking to live a life of presence over perfection, to embrace every facet of their being, and to journey deeper into the realms of self-acceptance and love, From Showing Off to Showing Up serves as an inspiring guide.

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