Emotional and Spiritual Sobriety

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2020

Are you finding ways to stay emotionally and spiritually sober amidst the massive swirl of anxiety around you? 

It's not easy, but your sobriety within counts the most right now.
All the emotional healing and the spiritual work you have done in the past, this is when you get to choose which way you will go. And this choice is a moment to moment one. Here, now. Are you choosing to stay within yourself, with whatever is swirling inside or will you move up and out of yourself and join the collective swirling which is taking you further and further away from your knowing, and your safety?

These times of uncertainty are asking us to stay in the present moment more than ever, because here and now is the only place you can find emotional and spiritual sobriety.

Here are 5 questions you can ask yourself to help you calibrate your energy, gain clarity about the truth of this moment, gain sobriety. For each question, close your eyes and go within. Feel the question:

1-In this moment, how is your heart doing?
2-In this moment, is your breath happy?
3-In this moment, what is your level of inner freedom? Do you feel free within?
4-In this moment, what is the quality of your connection with your impersonal source, the still and quiet ground within?
5-In this moment, how is your personal self? What is the truth of your subjective experience?

You can journal the answers automatic writing style, or you can chat about it with someone with whom you feel safe and is opened to exploring the authenticity of this moment.

Remember, it is easy to stay aligned when things are going well and we know what is ahead. It is much harder when there is collective uncertainty, on so many fronts, like right now. Your friends, your family, your children look to you to see how to navigate this unprecedented energy. Many of you have experienced the depths of fear and the unknown within yourself, I have witnessed many of you emerging, over and over again, renewed, strong, clear every single time. You have never lost yourself. It will be the same in this case. And because you know that it is possible to rise through intense fire because you went through it and did not succumb, in fact, you emerged as the more you believed you could become, others will be reassured by your trust, your clarity, your groundedness.

There is much simplicity in how to be right now. Be the roots and the base of the volcano for yourself, but also for everyone around. Let the teacher in you rise up to this occasion, by modelling (very little to say or do, but simply be) what it looks like and feels like to be centred and stable, yet flexible and opened.
in divine love, always,
anne xo

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