Remember Who You Are

intuition Jul 27, 2020

So much of the truth of our experience is abstract and is felt beyond our five senses. Many of us weren’t encouraged to validate and trust the intangible feelings of creativity, wisdom, and spiritual truth, mostly because others couldn’t see, touch, hear, or understand what we were talking about. There is little in the outside world to show for this abstract energy within, yet it feels real to us, more than anything else in the “real world.” This is the artist’s way. She knows how true her experience within is. So much so that she HAS to make it tangible to the outside world. But until she creates it, she is alone with her knowing. She is asked to believe in her feelings, in her inner vibrations, in the insubstantial vibes of her musings. It is her faith in the unseen that gives her the strength, the courage, and the patience to engage and manifest her knowing.
You are the artist. Life is your medium and intuition is your muse. No one else can fully know what you know energetically, because god expresses through you in a way that is unique to your body, to your mind, to your soul contract, to your soul history, to your skills and your gifts. You, and you alone, are the holder of that unique vision, the protector of that sacred seed, the nurturer of that latent creation.
Remember who you are and show us who you are. The world is waiting for your art 🌺❤️

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