Sensitivity Is A Superpower—Reclaim Yours

We were born very sensitive—At first, we didn't worry about the pain such openness would create. 

That is why being in the presence of a small child feels incredible. They don't hold back from showing their true sensitive self.

In that way, children are powerful. 

They can shift the energy in a room in a moment, simply with their presence. 

For adults with unexamined wounds, children are an easy prey. 

First, the adult feels uncomfortable in the presence of so much love and light that they shut down even more. The child feels the separation and the distance. There is no more connection and connection is love. 

The child experiences this as a disruption of emotional safety. 

Then, in order to feel better or regain power, the adult will say or do something to hurt the child, often under the pretense of safety or discipline, e.g. "It's not how we behave.”

Eventually, the child develops a protection mechanism in order to mitigate the pain of the emotional betrayal. That protection leads to fear and less and less access to our sensitive nature and purity.

What we often forget is that this sensitive nature wasn't simply to feel our environment and other people around us, but it was also our superpower. It was the fire of our soul, free to be and free to express. 

Our innate sensitivity was our medicine and our soul's purpose. When we don't allow ourselves to feel, we don't just shut down to others, we shut down to our soul and its gifts. 

That is why the inner child healing is not just freeing internally, it liberates our light so we can manifest it in the way we came here to manifest it.

Insight: A good way to reclaim your sensitivity is to ask for what you need

  • Learning how to ask for what you need is a powerful agent of transformation. 
  • When you speak up for what you need, you begin to attract what is necessary for your needs to be met—and your life changes. Voicing on the outside what is true inside creates your reality; your words make things so.

The body never lies to you. Ever. It has kept score of everything that has happened in your life and is only telling its truth. 

As a child, before the conditioned beliefs registered in your cells, your body was telling you exactly if a situation, person, or conversation was good, honest, and true. You knew with your belly, your toes, your heart, your skin, your entire being. 

Your mind, on the other hand, makes up stories and rationalizes your emotions. At the root of the emotions in the tissue of your body, there is the truth of your experience and the truth of what you need and want. 

Listen to your body, it will tell you what you need to reclaim your sensitivity.

Highly-sensitive people experiencing burnout can become discouraged, disillusioned, and even ill.

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