We embody ourselves to free our soul

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2019

Do you know that as the boundless soul that you are, it is possible to be absolutely free and also be fully incarnated in your body here on earth? The contrast seems too big sometimes, such an expanded essence for such a tiny and dense vessel. But one thing I now know for sure, after 10 years of teaching applied autopoiesis to individuals, is that we have to go in to expand out. We embody all of ourselves, own every part, so we can free our soul. I've seen it happen countless times, for myself, and so many others. The conditioning of the past that is lodged in the body breaks down and goes home. We are left decloaked, bare, who we truly are, free. This practice heals, transforms, and brings clarity. It shapes our life.

When we lead from that place, we don't just know that we are interconnected with everyone and everything around us, we feel it with every cell in our body. It's enlivening, enlightening, and it brings so much meaning to the people around us. When you share, guide, teach, inspire, create from a place of radical embodiment, you not only have access to an unlimited source of energy and wisdom, but you are highly aware of the true essence of others around you. You really SEE them, and you KNOW what each moment requires of you. You are the personal flesh vessel for the impersonal divine light-love. You invite and allow all this wisdom to move through you, speak through you, manifest through you. You co-create with all that is. 

Wanna join me for a three-hour crash lesson on Embodied Leadership?
I'll be offering an experiential workshop October 11th in Halifax as part of the Big Magic weekend.

I'm excited to see you there! 

In divine love, always,

Anne xo

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