Emergent Self: Tapping Into Your Third Eye

meditation Nov 15, 2021
Anne Berube
Emergent Self: Tapping Into Your Third Eye

Our chakra energy system can be separated into three parts. 

The first four chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart) represent the past and hold the memory of past experiences, from childhood and in utero, and the unprocessed traumas we have gone through even as adults. So in order to heal the past, we must sink into ourselves, make direct contact with our inner landscape, and explore what lives in us at the cellular & energetic levels. The first four chakras, when healthy, allow us to process and transform at a rapid pace. Experiences that relate to our sense of safety, belonging, ability to take action, and sense of identity move through us and resolve without interruption. As the expression of who we are to the world, these four chakras are supposed to change, transform, and expand over and over again. So healing is not a one-time thing. It is an ongoing journey that always brings us more into the integration of who we truly are. One should always start here on their healing and awakening journey, building a solid base for higher exploration. And this base should be revisited over and over again as one deepens their spiritual embodiment.

The last two chakras (third eye and crown) are the most etheric and represent our emergent future, who it is possible for us to become in this lifetime. We were all born with a vision for our soul, our third eye hold this vision of our potential as spirits in bodies. And the crown chakra gives us unlimited and uninterrupted access to all the tools and blessings we need to accomplish this vision. 

The throat chakra, our most underused and most important energy center at this time in history, represents the present moment. It is our bridge to the now, as we chose, moment to moment, if we put sounds and words to what lives in the past (chakras 1 to 4) or what belongs to our emergent future (chakras 6 & 7). We have forgotten how to put sound to our emergent self, mainly because its communication is subtle, and we were taught to manage and control what comes out of our mouth in order to be safe, belong, get things done and be who we believe the world needs us to be. The more we heal and strengthen our base (chakras 1 to 4), the easier it is to engage (chakra 5) our latent emergent self (chakras 6 & 7).

Here is a meditation to help you connect with the intentions of your third eye and access the latent information encoded in your soul.


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