A Guided Meditation to Relax Into Greatness (20 Minutes)

meditation Dec 12, 2022
Anne Berube
A Guided Meditation to Relax Into Greatness (20 Minutes)

Preparing for the meditation:

  • Practice it in a quiet place where you will not be distracted or disturbed.
  • If possible, draw the curtains or cover your eyes with something soft (be sure it is lightweight) so that you will experience as little sensory stimulation as possible.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. You may want to cover yourself with a light blanket. Be sure that you will be warm throughout the practice.
  • Lie on a comfortable (not too hard, not too soft) surface.
  • Consider using a folded blanket under your knees to support your lower back or a cervical/neck pillow to support your head and neck.
  • Do not move once you begin to practice, so be as comfortable as possible when you begin.
  • In order to derive the maximum benefit from the practice of Relax into Greatness, have the intention to remain awake throughout the process.
  • If you do fall asleep while practicing it, don’t worry. This is a natural occurrence, especially when you first start practicing, and particularly if you are fatigued (as most of us are at one time or another). Preventing yourself from falling asleep may be something that you will need to train yourself to do. The more often you do the practice, the sooner you will master the state of relaxed wakefulness.
  • On those occasions when you do find yourself becoming sleepy, or if you are using it to help you fall asleep, make a conscious decision to stop practicing Relax into Greatness before you drift off. Turn off the recording, stop going through the steps, and simply tell yourself that you are now going to go to sleep.
  • If during the practice you find yourself feeling agitated or too restless to practice (this is a very rare occurrence), stop practicing. Make a point of practicing the next day or, if that is not possible, as soon as you can.
  • Wait at least two to three hours after eating before you do the practice
  • Remember: don’t try to accomplish or to do. The state of Relax into Greatness is defined by complete effortlessness coupled with awareness. Cultivate a feeling of non-doing even while following the directions. 

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