The Art of Regret-Free Living: A Conversation with Bronnie Ware

#embodied Jul 11, 2023

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of connecting with the remarkable Bronnie Ware on the Embodied Podcast. Bronnie is acclaimed for her internationally bestselling memoir, "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”; her life philosophy is centered around embracing regret-free living, a concept deeply resonant with my own teachings.

During our podcast conversation, we found ourselves reminiscing about the ever-inspiring Dr. Wayne Dyer. Recounting stories of our unique connections with him, our conversation wove through the realms of parenting, illness, and the importance of self-kindness. We reflected upon the essence of "leaving space"—a pause for breath, for presence, for allowing life to unfold organically.

We also discuss the writing process. We talk about our journeys through the winding paths of writing and publishing, and the complexities of public life. We explore the conundrums of creating a sustainable business model as a writer, a journey entwined with its own challenges and joys.

Ultimately, we recognized that a common thread in our lives has been the ability to let go of control, entrusting in a higher power. This divine surrender, a potent blend of vulnerability and courage, has been instrumental in our journeys.

Through the stories we shared and the wisdom we unearthed, Bronnie and I aimed to inspire you to cultivate your own path of regret-free living. May you find the strength to navigate life's uncertainties, the courage to honour your own truth, and the trust to surrender to the higher wisdom guiding us all.

You can listen to our hour-long conversation wherever you get your podcasts, visit the podcast episode page, or use the player below:

This podcast conversation was first published on August 28, 2019.

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