Embodied Podcast: Transformative Conversation with Nancy Levin

#embodied podcast Jan 15, 2024

Back in October 2019, I had the profound privilege of engaging in a deeply moving conversation with Nancy Levin on the Embodied podcast. Nancy is a remarkable poet, bestselling author, and a treasured voice on Hay House Radio. 

This heart-to-heart dialogue was not just a discussion, but a journey through the transformative power of self-discovery and healing.

The impact of losing mentors: Lessons from Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, and Debbie Ford

Nancy opened up about her life experiences, including her time with inspirational figures like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, and Debbie Ford. It was touching to hear her describe the significant impact of losing these three influential friends, colleagues, and mentors. Their absence has undoubtedly left a void, but also a legacy of wisdom and courage that continues to inspire.

A central theme of our conversation was the exploration of parental and societal conditioning, and how these factors shape our paths. 

Nancy shared her narrative...

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Nurturing the Gift of Empathy Without Burning Out

#embodied #empath podcast Nov 08, 2023

This interview was conducted by Jennifer Ackad, embodiment and authentic transformation mentor, and was initially broadcast on The Authentic Woman You Are Online Series and Interactive Training in March 2021. You can explore The Authentic Woman You Are community platform via this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theauthenticwomanyouare

Embodied authentic women: Nurturing the gift of empathy without burning out

Empathy can be a superpower, a profound gift that allows us to connect deeply with the energy of others and the universe. But for empaths and those who naturally give more of themselves, it's a delicate balance to maintain. In a recent enlightening conversation on The Authentic Woman You Are Online Series and Interactive Training, I spoke with Jennifer Ackad and unpacked this delicate balance.

Ready to dive deeper into mastering your empathic abilities? Join me at the Oceanstone Seaside Resort for a transformative retreat. Learn More About The Happy...

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Lost in Maui: Survival, Spirit, and Insight

#embodied Sep 05, 2023

This podcast conversation was first published on June 15th, 2021.

We've all had moments, those seemingly insignificant decisions we make, without realizing that they could entirely alter the trajectory of our lives. Some moments are powerful reminders that life is unpredictable, ephemeral, and profoundly spiritual.

A harmless morning run: Amanda’s unexpected journey

One such moment in time was experienced by Dr. Amanda Eller, who opted for what seemed to be a harmless choice — a morning run. Little did she know that this decision would lead her down a path she hadn’t anticipated and one she'd remember for the rest of her life.

In May 2019, Amanda found herself lost amidst the thick foliage of the Maui jungle. It was not just a test of her physical stamina and resilience but an intense spiritual awakening, one that held her in its embrace for more than two weeks.

The uncharted spiritual expedition behind the sensation

On this gripping episode of the Embodied...

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Discovering deep intimacy: Touching truth at our core

#embodied podcast Aug 04, 2023

This podcast conversation was first published on January 28th, 2021.

I had the honor of sitting down with the inspiring Naomi Irons and the illuminating Deborah Gleason for a heart-opening conversation on a topic that is, paradoxically, both deeply universal and profoundly personal: intimacy. This wasn’t just about the intimacy we share with others, but the profound connection we cultivate within ourselves, the one that ultimately shapes and deepens every other relationship in our lives.

In our hour-and-a-half-long discussion, I found myself reflecting on a thought I've been cradling for a while now: that death is perhaps the ultimate moment of intimacy. It’s a point in our lives where the veil between the tangible and the ethereal becomes so thin that it almost disappears. It's when we truly come face-to-face with the very essence of our being.

Highlights from our podcast discussion include:

  • Connecting deeply with the Earth (Gaia) as a model of living and source...
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The Art of Regret-Free Living: A Conversation with Bronnie Ware

#embodied Jul 11, 2023

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of connecting with the remarkable Bronnie Ware on the Embodied Podcast. Bronnie is acclaimed for her internationally bestselling memoir, "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”; her life philosophy is centered around embracing regret-free living, a concept deeply resonant with my own teachings.

During our podcast conversation, we found ourselves reminiscing about the ever-inspiring Dr. Wayne Dyer. Recounting stories of our unique connections with him, our conversation wove through the realms of parenting, illness, and the importance of self-kindness. We reflected upon the essence of "leaving space"—a pause for breath, for presence, for allowing life to unfold organically.

We also discuss the writing process. We talk about our journeys through the winding paths of writing and publishing, and the complexities of public life. We explore the conundrums of creating a sustainable business model as a writer, a journey entwined with its own...

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Embodied Parenting: A New Perspective

Hello, wonderful community! Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting a profound conversation with the insightful and wise Naomi Irons on the Embodied podcast.

I am excited to share this enriching podcast conversation with you, and I wholeheartedly recommend listening to the full episode for a wealth of wisdom and enlightenment.

Highlights from my discussion with Naomi include:

  • The importance of allowing children to be seen, heard, and acknowledged for who they truly are
  • A paradigm shift in how we perceive all relationships, including the one we have with ourselves
  • How parents can help kids stay in the present moment to understand how their uniqueness is part of the future they are creating for themselves 

In our conversation, Naomi talks about how she sees her parenting role with her two teenage children: 

"One of my only roles right now is to really stay in the present moment with them and to keep allowing them to see that they are already living life, they're...

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A Guided Meditation for Connecting with Your Allies

Anne Berube
A Guided Meditation for Connecting with Your Allies


Take 15 minutes and explore this guided audio meditation, “Calling on Our Allies,” which encourages you to connect with the love and support of those around you. 

I love this meditation! I did it for the first time with my Embodied Leadership group in March 2020. The timing was perfect, although we didn't consciously know it. We were about to enter into a global crisis and a period of change like no other we have experienced. Being able to connect, communicate, and receive wisdom and guidance from our inner selves and the wisdom of the universe helped us step into this new chapter of our lives with support and love from sources that understand us at a deep level. I hope you enjoy this meeting of light beings!

When you ask, assistance is given to every single one of your requests. The universe always responds, but it does so according to your soul's intentions and the highest and best good of all, not necessarily as...

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Embracing the Power of Creativity: A Conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert

#embodied creativity Mar 24, 2023

Hello, beautiful souls! In 2019, I had the honour of interviewing the incredibly inspiring and talented Elizabeth Gilbert on the Embodied podcast. Elizabeth, the author of "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Big Magic," shared her insights on creativity, spirituality, and the process of self-discovery.

I wanted to reshare the podcast conversation with you, and I encourage you to listen to the full episode for even more wisdom and inspiration.

Highlights from my conversation with Elizabeth include:

  • The connection between creativity and spirituality
  • Facing fears and embracing vulnerability in the creative process
  • The journey of self-discovery that often accompanies the creative process

Listen to our 45-minute conversation wherever you get your podcasts or visit the podcast episode page: A Conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert

This episode was supported by: Golden Realty Group (www.soldongold.ca) One UP Fitness (www.oneupfitness.ca) Soul Tribe Live...

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To Live, We Must Let Go of What’s Run Its Course

#embodied #embodiment Feb 24, 2023
Anne Berube
To Live, We Must Let Go of What’s Run Its Course

This month on my podcast, Embodied, my friend Naomi Irons shares the story of the near-death experience she experienced on Christmas morning in 2021.

Her story is incredible and full of unexpected twists and turns. The insights and wisdom that spring from this conversation are the true gifts.

Naomi lives in the jungle on the Island of Hawaii. The unstable connection sometimes distorts her voice, but her message is clear: to truly live, we must let go of what has run its course.

Highlights of our hour and twenty-four-minute conversation include:

  • The emotional roller coaster of letting go of physicality
  • How Naomi’s experience changed her relationship to being in the present moment/showing up
  • How the experience impacted Naomi and her family members and became a moment of deep, shared connection

You can listen to the podcast episode wherever you get your podcasts; you can also access the podcast player above, or visit the episode page: The Underwater Garden: A Conversation with...

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Shame is Layered and Sneaky

When we do the healing work, it is not easy to face the wound of our inner child, because shame is layered and sneaky. It is one of the more difficult emotions to work with. Other emotions are more straightforward. Sadness is sadness, you can identify it more easily. You have been sad before and have seen other people express their sadness. Same with anger. Although you might have judgments about feeling it, you recognize it as is anger, and most of the time, you know what to do to release it. Shame hides and covers up other emotions. When the original wound, for example, sadness or anger, is ignored and isn’t witnessed or validated by another loving person, or worst, if it was made fun of, ridiculed, or used for another person’s benefits, we learn that what we feel is not acceptable. We understand that being sensitive is not useful to survive, and it can actually be emotionally unsafe to be so.
Belonging, love, and safety are essential to the growth of a child....
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