How Did You Learn To Love?

We don’t always realize it, but even with the best of intentions, we model love to children through the quality of our presence.

Love is connection and attention and the way we connect with them shapes their understanding and definition of love and emotional intimacy. If our desire to connect with them comes from a lack of love inside of us, love will register as co-dependent. If our attention on them comes from our own need for care, love will register as insecure and will begin a never-ending search for it. If we connect emotionally with them only when there is a problem, love will register as a solution, a transaction, not whole in itself. If our own needs overwhelm their needs, love will register as unsafe and a burden. This conditioning determines how we seek love, ask for it or not, recognize it or not, accept or refuse it, and how it feels to be around it. Eventually, this fragmented version of love won’t be enough because it is not true love. True love requires no transactions, has no expectations, and no conditions. It is an all-inclusive space that demands nothing of you and sets you free. Divine love has no opposites and includes all aspects of a person, a situation, a story, and an experience. Absolutely nothing is left out of this love, and it is available to everyone, no exception. 

So the question is: How did you learn to love and does it still serve you? Is it possible that there is a deeper more embodied experience of love hidden within you that aligns with who you truly are, not who you were conditioned to believe you were? How did love feel and express through you before the world came in and coloured it?

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