Journeying into the Depths of Lemurian Huna

#embodiedspirituality Sep 11, 2023

Video: Anne Bérubé on the role of healing symbols in Huna philosophy.

And so in the Huna tradition, there's a series of healing and manifesting symbols that people use to either heal themselves, heal someone else, or manifest a desired outcome. And so the way that Laura taught the symbols to me was very different than maybe other teachers in Hawaii. Instead of just giving me the symbol, she would actually wait for the symbol to reveal itself to me in time. So one night, after spending a couple of days with her, I had a dream of the Waha-Hamama symbol, it was in her awareness, she wanted to share it with me, but she wanted to wait until the symbol would reveal itself to me, I had a dream about it. And the next morning, I didn't know it was a symbol. And we were painting, that was one of the ways that she shared with me through art. And I started to paint the symbol. And that's when she knew I was ready to consciously receive this symbol. So what happened is that my aumakua, which is my higher self, had communicated with my unihipili, which is my lower self, my body, my subconscious, my intuition, and then revealed itself to me as insight without a logical understanding yet, and until I was ready to put it into an intellectual context, and then use it. So once she said, to me, this is an actual Huna symbol, it's called Waha-Hamama, it is used to accelerate the vibration when you use it on someone else, so that they can have a release, ease from their pain, and they can have their own inner secrets revealed. And so it really illustrated for me how the three selves of Huna work where my higher self communicates not directly to my intellect, it communicates through my subconscious through my body, through my intuition, and then reveals itself to my intellect, so that I can choose and do something with it. So it's very different than just having the symbol given to me and using it solely from the intellect. And so one of the ways that she used the symbol was during hands on healing. And so the way that she uses it is, she has someone on the table, and then she invokes the different deities that are important to this process for her. And then she would visualize and use her hands to apply the symbol on the person depending on the area of the body that needed it the most. And that would be an intuitive process for her. So I've received many treatments from her in this manner. And eventually, we were able to reverse roles, and she went on the table and I started using the symbol, and she could feel the symbol coming through and the acceleration of vibration happening in her body. And then I knew I was ready to use the symbol on other people.

The wisdom of Lemurian Huna 

Today, I want to invite you to embark on a unique exploration of the wisdom of Lemurian Huna. This profound wisdom not only forms the foundation of my healing approach but also offers timeless spiritual practices.

I'll begin by sharing with you the origin of Lemurian Huna, the concept of the three selves, and introduce you to the first of 12 Huna symbols, Waha-Hamama.

Lemurian Huna unveiled

Huna, a Hawaiian word, means "that which is hidden.” Huna is a Western term (coined by Max Freedom Long, 20th century) that refers to the spirituality of the ancient Hawaiians. But back in ancient times, it was not called Huna because it wasn't a secret. It was simply their philosophy of life. When Europeans came to colonize the Hawaiian islands, the indigenous priests and shamans kept the wisdom a secret so that the "magic" wouldn't be used by Westerners in the wrong way. It is only since the 1970s that the "secrets" are coming back to the surface and are ready to be shared with the world. The time is now.

Lemurian Huna differs slightly from traditional Huna and was shared with me by my teacher Laura Kealoha on Kauai. It captures the mysticism and shamanism of the very first inhabitants of Hawaii soon after the Lemurian continent went under some 7,000 years ago. The legend says that they came on boats from the Polynesian islands and carried wisdom from the ancient lost civilization of Lemuria (sometimes called Mu.)

I've heard stories suggesting that the Lemurian Huna philosophy was brought to Earth by visitors from the Pleiades and other star beings. Some of the ideas that comprise the philosophy of Lemurian Huna have been traced back to the writings of Greek philosophers (Plato speaks about it), to the Old Testament, and to the Upanishads of India, but historians have not recognized it as a coherent philosophy or part of official recorded history. Thus, the Lemurian civilization and Atlantis are often labeled as legends.

While historians label Lemuria and its counterpart Atlantis as mere legends, various spiritual channellings over time have provided insights into the Lemurian civilization's magnificence. My personal spiritual voyages and dreams, coupled with rigorous work with my Kahuna, Laura on Kauai, have instilled in me an unwavering belief in my past life existence during the Lemurian era. It's not merely a belief, but a vibrant energy that flows through me — the Lemurian Huna Healing Energy.

This energy is not separate from me; it forms my core essence. The Lemurians were adept at tuning into the Cosmic Mind, harnessing its boundless wisdom through meditation and concentration. Their faith in the Cosmic Mind and their ability to tap into it set them apart.

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Dive deeper: The healing power of Waha-Hamama

Healing symbols are a central part of the Huna philosophy.

For healing, symbols fall into two categories: those that inherently possess healing effects and those that induce healing through association. We live in a rich field of many different energy frequencies, including gravity, electromagnetism, radio and television, microwaves, light, sound, and many others that are not yet recognized by science. Symbols that produce a healing effect on their own are those that have the quality of condensing and radiating ambient energy (the energy around us) due to their particular shape.

Waha-Hamama is one of those symbols that is healing just on its own because of its shape and is one of the most powerful symbols in Huna.

The fundamental healing effects of Waha-Hamama comes from its ability to relieve physical pain and encourage the gentle movement of blood and lymph. Invoking the symbol and using it will accelerate the vibration of energy in the lower self (unihipili) to align with the higher frequencies of the higher self (aumakua). Using this symbol will allow for the revelation of inner secrets to our intellect (Uhane). Waha-Hamama reminds you of your true nature as spirit, as Source.

To begin working with a symbol, you must let it reveal itself to you. Gazing at it, drawing it on a piece of paper, tracing it on a part of your body, walking around tracing the symbol with your steps, or repeating it quietly in your mind like a mantra, until you begin to feel its presence. You might feel calmer, more grounded, relaxed, highly focused, or alert. There will be a shift in your state, and in the quality of your presence.

Be patient. You might not notice anything the first time, but when you start to see the symbol manifesting in your life — similar to how one might spot heart shapes in nature, during a walk to work, in soup, or in art — you'll recognize its desire to integrate and work with you.

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