The Transformative Power of Pele: Embracing the Fire Within

lemurian huna Nov 15, 2023

Video: Anne Bérubé describes invoking the energy of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, as a source of courage, boldness, and action, emphasizing her powerful feminine energy as an ally for initiating change, pursuing passions, and embarking on new ventures with confidence.


In the past couple of months, we've been exploring the shamanic tradition of the ancient Hawaiians, the Lumerians, a long, long time ago, which is called Huna, H-U-N-A. And this month, we're going to tap into the energy of Pele. She is the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, and she lives on the Big Island. And she has her own volcano. And she's a powerful, powerful ally. And I want you to think of her as an ally, almost like a sister, her energy is always available for us to tap into. And we use her energy when we need courage, when we need to be bold and clear, and we when we want to get things going, when you want to make things happen, because she is the fire. She represents and...

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Awakening Uli: Journey into Ancient Lemurian Wisdom

Anne Bérubé - Awakening Uli

Video: Anne Bérubé on using the divine mother energy, Uli, to heal her relationship with her biological mother by understanding and embracing unconditional love.

When I first connected with her energy, it was through my teacher, Laura Kealoha Yardley, on Kauai, and after a couple days of this intensive training with her, it became very clear that I needed some help with my relationship with my own mother, my earthly mother, my biological mother. And Laura suggested that we bring in the energy of Uli. And the way that she presented it is that we all share this divine mother, we all share this primary, primordial mother essence within us and that energy is a representation and a manifestation of Divine Love, of unconditional love, of love with no opposites. And it manifests as an experience of unconditional love inside the body, and the heart, in the human being. And so connecting with that energy allows the...

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