The Body Never Lies

#healing Jul 18, 2019

Energies have been intense lately, we are more raw and emotional than usual, often for no reasons we can see. The acceleration in vibration can be overwhelming but it is mixed with excitement that things are moving, growing like we are tapping into greater clarity, greater power. When how we feel makes no sense to our logical mind, remember that the body never lies. Ever. What if what you are invited to release is information that was registered in your body when you were pre-verbal, an infant, in the womb, or even in a past-life. Your logical mind doesn't have the validation of what it's about, you don't have access to the explanation, but your body remembers in its own way. It is an exercice in trusting your body, trusting that it is an instrument made to process and communicate information, but it doesn't speak English, it speaks with subtle and not so subtle sensations, colors, images, movements of energy, feelings, trembles, changes in temperature, insights and so much more. Your body holds not only the magic your soul wants to communicate to you, the gifts you bring to the world, but it also holds information from your past and if you try to rationalize your feelings, you will only interrupt the healing and delay the gift that is on its way to you, that wants to move through, settle and integrate into your being and into your life. Do yourself a favor, get out of the way, and let your body do what it is designed to do. You get results way faster this way. With this full moon we just had and the Mercury retrograde, trying to understand intellectually what is going on will give you a headache. Give yourself the permission clear your schedule, weep, scream, laugh, run, go to the beach or the forest, breathe more deeply, take a day off, run through the sprinklers, let yourself be held by a friend, have an extra-long bath, or simply allow yourself to cry until you are done. Your body never lies. Listen to it. Believe it. It craves your attention. Care for its inner world like you would a small child. She needs you. 

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