Trust and Sensitivity: Embracing Transformation with Openness

Trust is essential for transformation. It lets us surrender to the unknown to create something new. Trust opens possibilities, eases changes, and accelerates spiritual growth.

But for many, trust is fragile. We fear making wrong choices and the pain that may come. Trusting ourselves, our body, intuition, life, or surrendering can feel like placing our fate in someone else's hands—reckless and impossible. Yet we need trust to move forward and allow new experiences into our lives. It is crucial for authentic fulfillment.

Ideally, trust allows vulnerability while making us feel safe and connected. It enables exploration and discovery without the fear of punishment for lowering our defences. Without trust, curiosity fades, preventing adventures and surprises. We become stuck in old patterns.

Learning to trust our ability to feel and discern emotions is the first step toward deepening our overall trust. We gain clarity when we live with an open heart.

Start here: Elevate your trust...

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Embracing Your Inner Light: Navigating Destiny and Purpose

Introduction to our inner light

At the moment of our soul's incarnation, when the unique light that defines us settles into a human cell at conception, the seeds of our destiny are embedded within this light. We enter this world as a spark of light, and this luminosity remains our core essence throughout our lives. By understanding the qualities of our inner light, we can uncover the seeds of our destiny that we carry within us.

The dynamic nature of our light

One fundamental quality of our light is its dynamic nature; it is never stagnant. It seeks movement in all directions: downward and inward, upward and outward, through every part of our being, and forward into the future. This movement allows the light to expand within our bodies and the space around us, driving us towards our purpose and destiny.

The concept of destiny

Destiny, in essence, is the force of our purpose—it's the intelligent thread that weaves through our lives, guiding us always. We can sense this guiding...

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Awakening Uli: Journey into Ancient Lemurian Wisdom

Anne Bérubé - Awakening Uli

Video: Anne Bérubé on using the divine mother energy, Uli, to heal her relationship with her biological mother by understanding and embracing unconditional love.

When I first connected with her energy, it was through my teacher, Laura Kealoha Yardley, on Kauai, and after a couple days of this intensive training with her, it became very clear that I needed some help with my relationship with my own mother, my earthly mother, my biological mother. And Laura suggested that we bring in the energy of Uli. And the way that she presented it is that we all share this divine mother, we all share this primary, primordial mother essence within us and that energy is a representation and a manifestation of Divine Love, of unconditional love, of love with no opposites. And it manifests as an experience of unconditional love inside the body, and the heart, in the human being. And so connecting with that energy allows the...

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The Power of a Pure Heart

#healing trust Oct 09, 2023

Fully feeling the depth of each moment without barriers is a capacity and gift we all possess. We were born sensing our entire body, inner world, and the environment around us, initially without the need for protective walls. We were born fully trusting the people around us, but we did not yet know how to discern what the energy meant. We were new to the world with the powerful instrument of our high sensitivity and, for the first few years, entirely depended on others to protect it.

Understanding the essence of a pure heart

At the centre of our unguarded high sensitivity, at the core of our being, was the most precious thing of all: our pure heart. No matter how old or young our soul is, where we were born and to whom, our gender, race, or ethnicity, we all were born with a pure heart. No exception.

Do you trust that your heart is pure and acts in your best interest? How deep can your trust go? Can you take full responsibility for its safety? Can you feel safe and be sensitive...

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From Blooming Rose to Boundless Garden

#burnout #healing Aug 15, 2023
Anne Berube
From Blooming Rose to Boundless Garden

Listen to an audio version of this blog post, narrated by Anne Bérubé. Simply select the play button on the media player above.

The river loses its name as it flows into the sea.

-Kahlil Gibran

The last 2 years have been a period of transition for me. I knew I was done with how I had been doing things for the past decade, but I didn't know how things would change or where I was going. I remember thinking: I'm ready to give it all up, if this is the invitation. I don't have to keep any of it, if it doesn't fit with where I am going.

I began to make space by letting go of some things, but I quickly realized that it wasn't enough. This wasn't just about a change in what I did and how I did it. It was a change in identity. A transition in identity is always a little more tricky, especially if you enjoy who you have become.

I had become a teacher, an author, a guide. I created programs people enjoyed, and they were getting results. I wrote books people read and...

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Comfort in Conflict

We often find comfort in conflict. Intensity and contrast are all around us, all the time, especially these days with everything happening around the world. For many of us, conflict has become our default setting. And when it goes on too long, we come to a place where we feel more comfortable in the chaos of an argument or a dramatic piece of news than we do in the stillness of our own being.
Often we pride ourselves on how much we can handle. Our backs are strong, people can lean on us. The more problems to solve and the more crisis to manage, the better. We take it on not necessarily because we want to, but mostly out of habit and because we can. We often hold the limited belief, “I should because I can.” And when chaos outside settles, we realize we have forgotten how to thrive without it. Our subconscious seeks the familiarity of chaos.
I know this about me. I can push my limits quite far until I can't anymore. I can ignore my desire for stillness and creative...
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Shame is Layered and Sneaky

When we do the healing work, it is not easy to face the wound of our inner child, because shame is layered and sneaky. It is one of the more difficult emotions to work with. Other emotions are more straightforward. Sadness is sadness, you can identify it more easily. You have been sad before and have seen other people express their sadness. Same with anger. Although you might have judgments about feeling it, you recognize it as is anger, and most of the time, you know what to do to release it. Shame hides and covers up other emotions. When the original wound, for example, sadness or anger, is ignored and isn’t witnessed or validated by another loving person, or worst, if it was made fun of, ridiculed, or used for another person’s benefits, we learn that what we feel is not acceptable. We understand that being sensitive is not useful to survive, and it can actually be emotionally unsafe to be so.
Belonging, love, and safety are essential to the growth of a child....
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The Body Never Lies

#healing Jul 18, 2019

Energies have been intense lately, we are more raw and emotional than usual, often for no reasons we can see. The acceleration in vibration can be overwhelming but it is mixed with excitement that things are moving, growing like we are tapping into greater clarity, greater power. When how we feel makes no sense to our logical mind, remember that the body never lies. Ever. What if what you are invited to release is information that was registered in your body when you were pre-verbal, an infant, in the womb, or even in a past-life. Your logical mind doesn't have the validation of what it's about, you don't have access to the explanation, but your body remembers in its own way. It is an exercice in trusting your body, trusting that it is an instrument made to process and communicate information, but it doesn't speak English, it speaks with subtle and not so subtle sensations, colors, images, movements of energy, feelings, trembles, changes in temperature, insights and so much more....

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