The Power of a Pure Heart

#healing trust Oct 09, 2023

Fully feeling the depth of each moment without barriers is a capacity and gift we all possess. We were born sensing our entire body, inner world, and the environment around us, initially without the need for protective walls. We were born fully trusting the people around us, but we did not yet know how to discern what the energy meant. We were new to the world with the powerful instrument of our high sensitivity and, for the first few years, entirely depended on others to protect it.

Understanding the essence of a pure heart

At the centre of our unguarded high sensitivity, at the core of our being, was the most precious thing of all: our pure heart. No matter how old or young our soul is, where we were born and to whom, our gender, race, or ethnicity, we all were born with a pure heart. No exception.

Do you trust that your heart is pure and acts in your best interest? How deep can your trust go? Can you take full responsibility for its safety? Can you feel safe and be sensitive simultaneously? What steps do you need to take to do so?

The loss of innocence: Erection of walls

A pure heart is the energetic counterpart of the actual organ of our heart. We access it in the heart, and find it through and behind, in the subtle space in front of our spine. It is where our sensitivity is at its highest, most tender, and innocent; therefore, it is where we have erected the most walls in an attempt to protect it. For many of us, this protection has kept us from accessing it.

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Being highly sensitive without access to our pure heart is not sustainable and can lead to mental health issues. Feeling with just our nervous system and our intellect is akin to walking on the beach thinking we know what it feels like to be in the ocean water. Our pure heart is where we can truly comprehend reality, not just the idea of it, by feeling fully.

Reestablishing trust: A return to pure heart

We are called to reestablish access to our pure heart and learn how to trust it.

Our pure heart is pure luminosity, informing our nervous system and all our senses. It emits light far beyond the boundary of our skin, impacting our immediate environment and the people within it.

When a pure heart is wide open, it maintains our body and mind's health by recognizing and speaking the truth. We can learn to discern this truth. 

When someone speaks or acts, our pure heart perceives the true intent behind their words or actions, rather than merely their superficial appearance.

It can discern external truths as well. A pure heart can receive a tremendous amount of information, filter it in the moment, and apprehend the truth very quickly. When a pure heart is wide open, it understands what is true in the same moment it receives the information.

A pure heart experiences the present moment without restraint, aching when the moment is painful and fluttering when it's beautiful. A pure heart fills up when it's in alignment with the rest of the body, expands when it is fully trusted, and contracts when it needs to discern.

A pure heart shines brighter than anything else. It is contagious and inviting. It's thrilling to be around a pure heart. It’s even more exhilarating to be with your own pure heart.

Transformative power: Embracing the pure heart

Decloaked pure hearts have the power to change the world at quantum speed. In an ideal world, everyone would prioritize protecting and nurturing pure hearts. It is the most valuable and endangered resource we possess.

At this juncture in the evolution of humanity, decloaking our pure hearts, trusting them again, and learning how to discern their expression, is our duty as souls in human bodies.

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