The Power of Your Presence is Your Medicine

embodied leadership Jan 06, 2023

I have been thinking a lot lately about how when I am fully present to myself, I naturally am an embodied leader, whether I am meditating, or spending time with my family, or teaching in front of a group.

Being an embodied leader means, first and foremost, that we lead ourselves through the process of self-exploration, self-healing, soul-love, and soul-realization. You inspire others much more when you have done your own personal work ; )

Comparing a disembodied leader and an embodied leader

Disembodied leaders lead from a place of fear and fragmented self, hungry for validation, and projecting the divisions they carry inside. Disembodied leaders find short-term success by creating resonance with the fears of their followers.

However, because this goes against the natural impulse of life, it will eventually retreat in the face of the human impetus toward expansion and growth. Because we all come to a place of self-reliance and self-love, whether it happens during our lifetime or at the moment of our death. Death brings everything back into the perceptive of life-force energy and interconnectedness. I don't know about you, but I would rather become aware and awake now and not wait for the moment of my death to “get it”.

As an embodied leader you have faced your fire, the darkest, most shameful parts of yourself, and have found your greatest gifts. So when you stand in front of a friend, a family member, a client, a patient, someone you are here to serve, and who is overwhelmed with their own fire (their big emotions), you are not shaken. You feel embodied compassion, you understand. The base of your volcano is firmly rooted in the ground. As you breathe deeply, you can sense the sacred message coming from within that is the spontaneous right message to deliver to the person in front of you, now.

As an embodied leader, your message comes from clearly sensing/feeling/knowing that deep down, the other person is also a volcano, an intelligent light, whether they know it or not. When you speak, instead of imparting knowledge, feeling what the other feels, or giving love to the other person, you stand in complete reverence of the powerful core essence that stands in front of you. Your words are magic. They don't come from the intellect. They are deeply intuitive, and they are contagious. The power of your presence is your medicine.

In divine love,

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