The Transformative Power of Pele: Embracing the Fire Within

lemurian huna Nov 15, 2023

Video: Anne Bérubé describes invoking the energy of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, as a source of courage, boldness, and action, emphasizing her powerful feminine energy as an ally for initiating change, pursuing passions, and embarking on new ventures with confidence.


In the past couple of months, we've been exploring the shamanic tradition of the ancient Hawaiians, the Lumerians, a long, long time ago, which is called Huna, H-U-N-A. And this month, we're going to tap into the energy of Pele. She is the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, and she lives on the Big Island. And she has her own volcano. And she's a powerful, powerful ally. And I want you to think of her as an ally, almost like a sister, her energy is always available for us to tap into. And we use her energy when we need courage, when we need to be bold and clear, and we when we want to get things going, when you want to make things happen, because she is the fire. She represents and incarnates the element of fire, which in the chakra system is a masculine element. So she is the feminine version of the fire, very, very powerful, very, very potent. And so we invoke her energy with the symbol that I have in the self-guided exercise, that's called "Ke Ahi A Loa". And that is the invocation the symbol that really brings in the fire, it invokes the fire and makes a network of light and a network of fire, and it expands it and expands it and it makes it permanent and brings it into your body into your life, and it's there for you to use.

She is the goddess of passion, and I have in the notes below the legend of her looking for home and finding a home in Hawaii a long, long time ago. And I met her. So this is a story of what happened when I met her. When I was living on Kauai for about six months back in 2009, I heard that there was this woman on Oahu that channelled Pele. And I was really intrigued. And so I contacted her and made an appointment. And when I got on the phone with this lady, she introduced herself and she said once I start to channel her, my voice will change and I’ll just go into a trance and you'll be talking directly to Pele. And I thought that was pretty wild and pretty incredible. But you know, it wasn't sure like if that was a real thing. But as soon as she started talking, my whole body, it was like a memory, a remembering of this friend, of the sister, this long lost sister. She started talking in the way she was talking to me it felt very familiar, like I knew who she was. And she said, “It's so good to see you again.” And she said that, you know, it just happens that right now you're doing this work on the earth while I'm here. But it has been the opposite sometimes where I'm on the earth, and you helped me from the other side. And I know that that's true for all of us, where we as expanded, being old sold caregivers, leaders, people, souls who are ancient who are coming here to the planet at this time in history, to increase the light and increase the vibration and elevate the consciousness within ourselves, within with the planet, that this has been a very long time coming and we have been playing different roles in this journey of expansion. And so when she said that I kind of knew it to be true. My intellect wasn't convinced, but my whole body in my heart and the resonance inside my body was so clear. I know her and she's family.

And so I would love for you to connect with her. Introduce yourself to her by listening to the prayer the poulet that I have in the guided meditation and perhaps also playing with the symbol using the symbol "Ke Ahi A Loa" and notice she will be very different than Uli and this is something that emerge from within remember, the Goddesses are not outside of ourselves, they are an expression of energy within ourselves. And it is who we are, we are that. But to communicate with that energy, sometimes it feels like we're separate, because we're communicating, communicating, there's a there's a relationship there. But ultimately, we are talking to an aspect of ourselves that is expanded and holds our true essence and our true fire.

And so I invite you to reach out to her, very different than Uli, so it really is, you know, has a more of a mother of feel. And Pele has more of a sister feel she has, it's an ally, she walks alongside you on this path. And she, and she takes your side. And she, she cheers you on. And remember, she's fire, which is the energy of the cheerleader, like the one that says, you go out there, girl, I've got you, I've got your back, I'm staying right here. You know, and I'll be right here. If you need my help. I'm supporting you, I believe in you. I know you can do this. And, so it's a very different kind of energy than Uli and I usually say that if you don't feel safe, or if you're needing some support and some nurturing, I wouldn't necessarily talk to Pele, I wouldn't communicate with her necessarily, I would stick with Uli for a bit. But when you're ready to hit the ground running, when you're ready to get an acceleration of healing, when you're ready to create a new project, when you're ready to write that book, make that painting, start a new program, or start a new job, use her. As long as you feel quite grounded and quite safe, you will feel her energy as a gift. Absolutely. As a gift. So use her when you need courage. Use her. When you need to accelerate your healing. You need to really to be bold, you want to show up as who you are, but with clarity, she is the person to help you to help you with that.

The transformative fire of Pele

Embodied creativity, wisdom, and spirituality often invite us to journey through various landscapes of mythology and self-discovery. Among such journeys, there is one that beckons with the intensity of fire and the promise of transformation — the path of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire, passion, and transformation.

Pele's energy is not just about the raw power of volcanic fire; it symbolizes a deeper spiritual fire within us. This is the fire that burns away the obsolete, what no longer serves us, making room for new growth, for the true essence of our being to manifest. The essence of Pele, translating to molten lava, suggests a state of constant change, creation, and renewal.

Pele's presence in everyday life

In our lives, fire can be a double-edged sword. Considered a masculine element, its vitality and dynamism need to be balanced with grounding forces — the earth and the water elements. Without this balance, fire can be destructive, overwhelming, and a source of suffering. But when we feel safe, grounded, and nurtured, this same fire becomes a tool for profound transformation.

How does Pele speak to us in our everyday experiences? Sometimes, it's the lump in our throat when we yearn to express something but feel blocked. Other times, it’s the nervous energy before stepping into the unknown. These are not mere emotions; they are Pele’s callings, urging us to pay attention, to embrace the light of our own power.

Deciphering Pele's mythology: A story of elemental force

The legend of Pele, as shared by Kahuna Serge King, enriches our understanding of this powerful deity. Pele's story is a saga of travel, desire, love, and ultimately finding a home. It intertwines with the geologic evolution of the Hawaiian islands, her journey mirroring the path of volcanic activity. It is a tale of raw elemental force and human emotion, from her tempestuous relationships to her unrelenting quest for a place to unleash her fiery spirit.

The mythic Pele fell deeply in love with a mortal, Lohiau, demonstrating her capacity for deep emotion and connection beyond the spiritual realm. Yet, even in her love, we see the dual nature of Pele's fire — capable of creation and destruction, passion and power.

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Embracing the fiery potential within us

Why delve into the mythos of Pele? It's more than a story; it's an exploration of the fiery potential within each of us.

Understanding and working with the energy of Pele teaches us about honesty with ourselves and aligns us with our heart's truest desires. When we dare to acknowledge and pursue what we truly want, we honor the essence of Pele within us.

Harnessing Pele's power: The role of sacred symbols

Healing symbols hold a profound place within the Huna philosophy, offering keys to deeper realms of consciousness and facilitating energetic transformations. One such powerful symbol is "Ke Ahi A Loa," which embodies the invocation of fire, the creation of connections, and the establishment of permanence. This symbol aligns perfectly with the energy of Pele, serving as a conduit for her fiery essence.

To incorporate "Ke Ahi A Loa" into your practice and experience the acceleration and passion of Pele’s fire, you might begin with a simple yet profound meditation:

  1. Find a quiet space where you can sit comfortably without disturbances.
  2. Start by focusing on your breath, taking deep, slow breaths to center yourself.
  3. Visualize the symbol "Ke Ahi A Loa" in your mind’s eye or, if you prefer, draw the symbol on a piece of paper and place it in front of you.
  4. As you meditate on the symbol, imagine it activating your solar plexus, the energy center located in your abdomen. This is where your personal power and emotional control reside.
  5. With every inhale, envision the symbol’s energy extending through your body, creating a network of light.
  6. With each exhale, feel the fire of Pele energizing and purifying your intentions, burning away the old to make way for the new.
  7. To deepen the integration of Pele’s energy, utilize the Ha Breath technique. The audio refresher below can guide you through this ancient breathing practice.
  8. Continue this meditation, allowing the symbol to create a shift within you, enlightening and opening your energy pathways.

This meditative practice can be a transformative ritual in your daily life. As you invoke the symbol "Ke Ahi A Loa," you're not just calling upon the fiery power of Pele, but you're also inviting a dramatic shift within your own energy circuitry. The symbol works deeply, harmonizing with the wisdom of the Ancient Hawaiians by enlightening and energizing.

May the fire within you burn brightly and guide your path.

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