Heightened Sensitivity

Often, people who are drawn to service and the spiritual path, were born with a particular kind of openness and sensitivity[1]. So it is more accurate to say that you are unmasking the spiritual sensitivity and capacity for deep emotional experiences that has always been there, than it is to say that your healing made you more sensitive. In this way, you can see that your core essence is a highly sensitive signal, moving through the highly sensitive instrument of your body, allowing you to feel it all. That sensitivity is the reason you can evolve, grow, transform and share your insights with the world. Although it wasn’t necessarily supported let alone celebrated when you were younger, it is the very root of your gift to the world.
Sensitivity is the ability to connect with and see into people and things. Psychologist Elaine Aron, in her research on empaths, found that 15 to 20 percent of the population identifies themselves as highly sensitive or empaths.[2] High sensitivity is an innate capacity to be touched and moved by people and things, and to enter into great intimacy with them. Highly sensitive people notice more than other people and have the ability to reflect on things more in-depth, with authentic emotions and complex and abstract insights.
Highly sensitive people have access to a range of perception that is not accessible with the 5 senses. For example, you might be able to feel the pain of someone even when they don’t show it or talk about it, you can see auras and the energy field of living things, or you can hear and know things that are channeled to you from the core essence of the world or other people. Although we often hear of sensitivity as a bad thing, even as a debilitating disorder of the nervous system, what I want to highlight here is that when we see it as the gift it really is, we can heal the discomfort that presents as a disorder and tap into the spiritual potential of our sensitivity. Your sensitivity is the faster and most efficient way into the deeper spiritual dimensions of your life. Inviting it to come back into your life is reclaiming the power of your core essence ♥️

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