A 7-Minute Deep Breathing Practice to Increase Your Energy

#embodiment breath Aug 11, 2023
Anne Berube
A 7-Minute Deep Breathing Practice to Increase Your Energy

This 7-minute breathing practice invites you to enhance awareness and energy by deeply breathing through the skin and the surrounding space.

Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. When you breathe in, reach for the in-breath from deep inside your belly. Your belly is soft. And when you breathe out, drop your jaw soften your lips, soften your neck, and soften your throat.

Deepen your breath, and slow your breath down. When you breathe out, make a little constriction in your throat to make the sound "haa." And when you do this, it elongates your exhalation, building power, building strength, building energy. And it's also massaging your vagus nerve, this nerve that goes from the base of your brain, wraps around your organs as it goes down through your body and it tells your parasympathetic system that it is safe, that it can heal, that your body can tap into creativity and access something new.

Bring your attention to your lungs. As you breathe feel the sensation of your lungs filling up with fresh oxygen. And as you breathe out, feel the sensation of the air coming out. Releasing, surrendering, letting go. See if you can take in more air than normal, filling up your lungs as much as possible. And as you breathe out, let it go, surrender.

Now imagine that it's not just your lungs that are taking that big deep in-breath but it is your entire skin. All of the skin on your body is breathing in. Breathe in and out using your skin as if it were your lungs to create more breathing space; let the pores of your skin breathe for you, noticing that there's a lot more space when you allow your skin to breathe.

Let's go a little further than that and bring your attention past your skin and into the field around you. Breathe deeply and imagine that it is the space all around you in the field of life energy that is breathing for you and with you. Notice that when you breathe with that space there's even more space available to you there's a limitless amount of energy, of intelligence, of brilliance, available to you when you breathe using the space around you.

Notice what it feels like to be boundless, even with your breath.

And when you're ready, only when you're ready, you can open your eyes.

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