A 7-Minute Deep Breathing Practice to Increase Your Energy

#embodiment breath Aug 11, 2023
Anne Berube
A 7-Minute Deep Breathing Practice to Increase Your Energy

This 7-minute breathing practice invites you to enhance awareness and energy by deeply breathing through the skin and the surrounding space.

Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. When you breathe in, reach for the in-breath from deep inside your belly. Your belly is soft. And when you breathe out, drop your jaw soften your lips, soften your neck, and soften your throat.

Deepen your breath, and slow your breath down. When you breathe out, make a little constriction in your throat to make the sound "haa." And when you do this, it elongates your exhalation, building power, building strength, building energy. And it's also massaging your vagus nerve, this nerve that goes from the base of your brain, wraps around your organs as it goes down through your body and it tells your parasympathetic system that it is safe, that it can heal, that your body can tap into creativity and access something new.

Bring your...

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A Poem to Cultivate Stillness and Presence

Stop. Right here. Right now.
Take a deep breath in through your nose, and let it out your mouth.
Continue. For a moment.
Stop going so fast. Just stop.
Right here. Right now.
Your heart knows. You are here.
Remember who you are. In your heart.
Stop. Pause. Breathe.
Come home. Be in you.
You are here. Now. How beautiful you are.
You are here in your heart.
Feel. This moment. Your being. You.
You. Are. Here. Now. Breathe.
And remember.
This. Now. Is more important than anything you were doing.
Come back now. Be home.
In the centre of your chest.
Everything is there. Nothing is missing.
Breathe. Be here.
Your heart.

And if you want to relax even deeper, try this 20-minute Guided Meditation to Relax Into Greatness

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A 20-minute Meditation to Nurture Your Sensitive Side

Anne Berube
A 20-minute Meditation to Nurture Your Sensitive Side

In this practice, we will be connecting ideas and thoughts with bodily sensations. I’ll walk you through all of it. Follow along and do what works for you.

What I would love for you to do is to sit with your feet on the floor. So, if you can have your feet on the ground, that will help with the intention of this meditation, which is to really connect with the earth. 

For this meditation, we're going to breathe in through the nose, and we're going to breathe out through the nose, which we normally don't do. But this is the intention is to increase the energy and to build this sense of inner world. When we breathe out through the mouth, the intention is to let go and surrender it all and allow liberation. But when we breathe out through the nose, we're saying, we're going to build here, so it's different.

I'm going to guide you, we're going to do each of the chakras, but we're going to talk about a quality in the chakras—there's one specific quality I want us to...

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Comfort In Chaos

We often find comfort in conflict. Intensity and contrast are all around us, all the time, especially these days with everything happening around the world. For many of us, conflict has become our default setting. And when it goes on too long, we come to a place where we feel more comfortable in the chaos of an argument or a dramatic piece of news than we do in the stillness of our own being.
Often we pride ourselves on how much we can handle. Our backs are strong, people can lean on us. The more problems to solve and the more crisis to manage, the better. We take it on not necessarily because we want to, but mostly out of habit and because we can. We often hold the limited belief, “I should because I can.” And when chaos outside settles, we realize we have forgotten how to thrive without it. Our subconscious seeks the familiarity of chaos.
I know this about me. I can push my limits quite far until I can't anymore. I can ignore my desire for stillness...
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Breathe into the root of your being

breath meditation May 28, 2019

There is no conflict a few conscious breaths can’t lighten.

Try this: Breathe in through the nose, reach for the in breath from deep inside your lower belly or pull it up from the base of your spine, allowing your entire torso to inhale, filling up one chakra at a time with more oxygen than normal. Then hold your breath for one count at the top. Then breathe out through the mouth, constrict the throat slightly making the ocean sound “ha”, drop your jaw, soften your neck and mouth, releasing every tension in your face, exhaling out every last bit of air.

‍Three breaths like this will allow you to take a mental step back, creating more room for perspective and creativity.

‍Breathe like this for 3 minutes you will tap into your parasympathetic system and tell your body it is safe and it can heal.

‍Do it for 10 minutes and you will build the ground for intuition and wisdom to reveal themselves to your awareness.

‍Breathe like this multiple time...

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