Adieu, Dear Soul Brother

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2021
I hope you know, dear friend, dear soul-brother, that you had a huge impact. You chose the road less traveled, over and over again, even when it was uncertain, difficult, and against the good opinions of others. You inspired thousands to live with awareness and seek to deepen their own consciousness. You gave people second chances, helped them see through and beyond their traumas, their hurt. You accompanied so many on the journey to meeting their potential. You saved lives. We just wished we could have saved yours.
There was so much left to do, dear Stephane. So many places and people to connect with, grow with, love with. So much more to feel and delight in. Right now, I don't understand, and I am heartbroken. It feels like your work here was cut short. You leaving now doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel timely. I might never understand. I love you. Thank you for all of it. It was a gift to have known you.
J'espère que tu sais, cher ami, frère de mon âme, l'impact que tu as eu sur le monde. Tu as choisi maintes fois le chemin le moins voyagé, même quand le futur était incertain, et contre l'opinon des autres. Tu as inspiré des milliers de gens à vivre en pleine conscience, tu as donné une deuxième chance à plusieurs, tu as sauvé des vies. On aurait espéré pouvoir sauver la tienne.
On avait encore beacoup à faire, tellement de places à aller, et de gens avec qui connecter, ressentir, aimer, grandir. En ce moment, je ne comprends pas, et mon coeur fait mal. Il me semble que ton travail ici n'était pas fini, et que ton temps est arrivé trop vite. Je ne comprenderai probablement jamais. Je t'aime. Merci d'avoir été dans ma vie.

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