Being Done: Remapping The Path Of Your Soul

light self-love soul Mar 14, 2019

When you wake up to your soul and you make the decision to live aligned with the life-force of the universe, the way you used to do things will change drastically. You are now taking your cues from a very different place. When decisions were made from the intellect, now it is the heart and the soul that guide insights and choices. When results used to come from managing your days and controlling your environment, now results come from inviting and allowing the universe to unfold through you. You are the instrument for the god-force that you are. The PERSONAL YOU stops "doing". Instead, you are "being done" by the IMPERSONAL YOU.

This is a huge shift in how you live your life and it requires a whole lot of love, compassion, forgiveness and patience toward yourself. Your personal timeline gives way to the timeline of the divine and sacred intelligence of the universe. The details are out of your personal control and are handled by a much greater force moving through you.

You have to give time to your human body and mind to adjust to this radical shift. You are in fact re-mapping your soul’s path as you are coming back home to your true essence and the true essence of reality. That can be very jarring for the body and the heart. Your soul’s history is literally being rewritten. As your energetic signature shifts, your body doesn’t have a choice but to adjust to the new vibrations. And that can feel physically and emotionally intense. It’s all part of the process of WAKING UP.

You might be tempted many times to go back, to forget what you know, to return to how things were. But deep down you know you really can’t do that. That you will always feel like something is missing. You might want to go back to sleep, but you know that it’s just a matter of time before the nudge comes and reminds you of your path.

What should you do when you feel overwhelmed with the journey? Take a complete time out from DOING, even if it’s just for one day. Remove yourself from your environment long enough to find some stillness and retrieve your conscious breath of life, the one that ignites and animates your insides with light. If you can, go in nature. Let the trees, the land, the sky hold you for a while. Feel your heart. Breathe into your heart and feel its message to you, whether it's aching, fluttering, fearful, expansive. Take a pause in your heart. And reach out to someone who can hear you without needing to change you. Ask a friend to witness you with what you are authentically feeling without having to come up with a solution. The insights will emerge from within.

And remember: this too shall pass. It always moves through and clarity emerges, in due time.

In divine love, always,


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