Embracing Your Inner Light: Navigating Destiny and Purpose

Introduction to our inner light

At the moment of our soul's incarnation, when the unique light that defines us settles into a human cell at conception, the seeds of our destiny are embedded within this light. We enter this world as a spark of light, and this luminosity remains our core essence throughout our lives. By understanding the qualities of our inner light, we can uncover the seeds of our destiny that we carry within us.

The dynamic nature of our light

One fundamental quality of our light is its dynamic nature; it is never stagnant. It seeks movement in all directions: downward and inward, upward and outward, through every part of our being, and forward into the future. This movement allows the light to expand within our bodies and the space around us, driving us towards our purpose and destiny.

The concept of destiny

Destiny, in essence, is the force of our purpose—it's the intelligent thread that weaves through our lives, guiding us always. We can sense this guiding...

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Unleash Your Sacred Fire

Expressing and actualizing the light of our soul is life-giving. It awakens us, enlivens us, inspires our body and our mind, even when this fire comes up as anger, sadness, or hurt. Interfering with this light as it wants to move through our body, is life-interrupting, it stops creativity and strengthens shame and fear, and it isolates us. My adult brain understands this. But my body tells a different story. Every time I try to go beyond the walls of protection I have built inside, no matter how much I know what I want and who I am, my body holds me back, sounding the alarm: this is not safe?

As very young children, our light moved through our bodies uninterrupted. We existed as one reality, with a beautiful coherence between our soul, our feelings, our thoughts, our words and our actions. One us. We had a reverence for this life-force as it guided us creatively through each moment, we were whole. As we grew up, it became more important to manage our light and control how it came...

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Being Done: Remapping The Path Of Your Soul

light self-love soul Mar 14, 2019

When you wake up to your soul and you make the decision to live aligned with the life-force of the universe, the way you used to do things will change drastically. You are now taking your cues from a very different place. When decisions were made from the intellect, now it is the heart and the soul that guide insights and choices. When results used to come from managing your days and controlling your environment, now results come from inviting and allowing the universe to unfold through you. You are the instrument for the god-force that you are. The PERSONAL YOU stops "doing". Instead, you are "being done" by the IMPERSONAL YOU.

This is a huge shift in how you live your life and it requires a whole lot of love, compassion, forgiveness and patience toward yourself. Your personal timeline gives way to the timeline of the divine and sacred intelligence of the universe. The details are out of your personal control and are handled by a much greater force moving through you.

You have to...

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The Man Of Light

light wayne dyer Mar 11, 2019

Glorious Monday 

I wanted to share this with you. A month before he passed away, Wayne sent the email below to a few of us. He was so excited for this book coming out: THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF PETER DEUNOV, for which he wrote the foreword. Here is the foreword. It is so incredibly potent for me these days, especially the "Man Of Light" part. 

"You are holding in your hands a book that I love, written by a Master whom I revere. I am honoured to say a few words in this collection of sayings and writings by the esteemed Peter Deunov in the English language. To me, Beinsa Douno as Dr. Deunov was affectionately referred to in his homeland of Bulgaria, ranks as one of the greatest and most influential spiritual teachers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I remember reading a quote by the eminent scientist Dr. Albert Einstein that prompted me to look into the life and teachings of this man, of whom I'd had no previous knowledge or awareness. "The whole world bows down...

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