Being Done: Remapping The Path Of Your Soul

light self-love soul Mar 14, 2019

When you wake up to your soul and you make the decision to live aligned with the life-force of the universe, the way you used to do things will change drastically. You are now taking your cues from a very different place. When decisions were made from the intellect, now it is the heart and the soul that guide insights and choices. When results used to come from managing your days and controlling your environment, now results come from inviting and allowing the universe to unfold through you. You are the instrument for the god-force that you are. The PERSONAL YOU stops "doing". Instead, you are "being done" by the IMPERSONAL YOU.

This is a huge shift in how you live your life and it requires a whole lot of love, compassion, forgiveness and patience toward yourself. Your personal timeline gives way to the timeline of the divine and sacred intelligence of the universe. The details are out of your personal control and are handled by a much greater force moving through you.

You have to...

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On Self-Love

self-love Feb 14, 2019
I often hear: How can I authentically practice self-love if I don’t truly love myself? In the world of personal development, so much advice is predicated on caring for oneself first. But what if the feeling isn’t there? We cannot command self-love to manifest, nor should we “fake it till we make it.” But we can nurture it along. The key to the practice of self-love is… practice!
Here are ways you can begin to practise now. And remember, be gentle with yourself ; )
TEND TO YOUR INSTRUMENT: You are a spiritual being with a desire to be human and not the other way around. Make a daily priority of nurturing your mind-body-spirit connection by practicing presence and awareness with conscious breath and meditation. Your body is the instrument your soul has chosen for this human adventure. Be kind to it. Be sensitive to the feedback and power of this incredible spiritual-biological miracle that you ride around in. Attuned and optimized...
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