Come Back To The Wholeness That Has Always Been There

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2020

Human beings have a peculiar and destructive habit of putting leaders and people with authority on a pedestal. We give away our power in order to feel secure, cared for, and part of a group. It also alleviates our deep-seated fear of loneliness. When we place someone on a pedestal, we separate ourselves from the responsibility of our path. We don’t have to fully own our life and our choices as we defer to someone else, like in a parent-child dynamic. As soul-realized beings, we need to let this go. Ultimately, you are the teacher, the one you have been waiting for. The advice of gurus, healers, parents, coaches, psychics, mediums, and others are helpful to a point, but when soul acceptance and soul-love is integrated, you move away from the teacher and move more into yourself. You come back to the wholeness that has always been there.

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