When I decided I wanted to do my Ph.D., it was very much a decision from my intellect. I wanted to become a university professor, and graduate work was the path to it. It was a practical, logical, and ego-pleasing want. I know now that the core essence impulse inside me wanted to be a teacher, but I let my mind decide how. I worked hard at it, persevered and I did achieve my goal. However, when I graduated, I did not have the feeling of joy I thought I would have, but instead, I found myself wondering, what’s next?
This is an example of self-realization as opposed to soul-realization. I had an idea of who I wanted to become, and I put all my attention towards becoming that person. You may be able to do anything you put your focus on, but self-realization is ephemeral. It doesn’t satisfy the soul.
  Soul-realization, on the other hand, is eternal. Instead of putting your focus on goals, your self-image, or what you think you want, you place it on the abstract inner knowing of your core essence. Thoughts come and go, ideas and visions come and go, but your core essence knowing stays consistent. And when you commit to listening and engaging your core essence, you will see that the thoughts that emerge in your awareness are more like spontaneous insights than ideas.
When you make space for soul-realization in your life, you invite your highest calling to emerge through you and you allow it to present itself to your awareness. So, like Wayne Dyer used to say, “instead of doing, you are being done”. Life-force energy creates your reality one millisecond at a time, from within, from a deep love and trust of your core essence impulse. And your body is the vessel for this emergence.
When your inner world becomes a daily priority, you start to notice that your words are different, that what you say doesn’t come from habitual patterns anymore but comes from a deeper place within. You might say less in certain situations and say much more in others. And you don’t feel the need to fill the space with words when there are silences. You don’t mind being with other people’s discomfort.
The same thing happens with your actions. When you are centered and connected to your inner knowing, you do less of the things that no longer feel aligned, and you do more of the things that energize and excite you. And because your words and your actions are powerful agents of creation, you will begin to notice that the world outside starts to match the world inside.
In order to manifest your reality from your core essence, you have to take action, and you have to speak up. Nothing can happen if you keep what you know inside. In fact, you might create dis-comfort, dis-ease in your body. It’s ok to make mistakes, to fail, to fall flat on your face, or to say and do things you regret after. Trial and error is the only way to master expressing your core essence. Failure is a necessary step in the creative process.
Dare to care out loud. Let people know what is meaningful and important to you. Share your message with the world, start a project before you are ready, apply for your dream job, take a poetry class, a dance class, engage in meaningful and edgy conversations, the kind that pushes the boundaries of your own comfort, and understanding. Don’t stay stagnant. Waiting for the universe to place what you want on your lap will only lead to disappointment. That is giving our power away to an entity outside of ourselves. Yes, the universe is on your side and she will provide, but the universe is not outside and separate from you. You are the universe, she is your core essence and you co-create with her from within. She provides every time you remember you are her and engage her from within when she calls.
Core essence desires are energy patterns more than they are tangible things. It is an impulse, a knowing within, that will eventually manifest into a tangible reality. So when you manifest your life from your core essence, after a little while, you begin to notice that what you truly desire has been right here all along, already in your life. You would not be able to sense the desire in your core if it wasn’t already expressing somewhere in your life, even if in a small way.
For example, if you ask for abundance, abundance is in some way already with you. Perhaps through the abundance of love you feel in the relationship with your children or your pets, the abundance of sunlight pouring in your kitchen window in the morning, or the abundance of laughter when you are with a friend you adore. Recognizing that abundance already exists is a powerful step in expanding abundance in other areas of your life. If you would like to expand abundance to work and finances for example, feel and express gratitude for the abundance you already experience. To feel gratitude in this way is to witness and project thankfulness toward an energy pattern that you appreciate. Like a seedling receiving water and sunlight, it will grow.  
A cautionary clarification about this method of manifestation. You may have noticed that affirmation statements have become very popular in the self-empowerment movement over the past several decades. While some methods appear more complex than others, most follow a similar pattern as the proclaimer speaks a version of the phrase, “I am [desired outcome].”
Affirmations won’t work when they are used as a shortcut to bypass inner work. The affirmation of a disembodied soul won’t have a lasting or meaningful impact, if it works at all. You can say, “I am wealthy,” as many times as you want, but if you have no emotional connection to the energy pattern of wealth, or worse, if you have unexamined limiting beliefs around the energy pattern of wealth, you will only recreate more of what you don’t want.
In contrast to the above, imagine addressing your inner-self with a sense of delight and expansion in your chest. You say, “Thank you for the abundance in my life,” and you feel specific feelings of gratitude for the abundance you have. You experience the sensation of abundance in your body. You connect with a sensation in your core essence that says, “I am abundance itself.” Now you are nurturing the seeds that will manifest more abundance in all areas of your life.
Trust that by being able to formulate an intention in your core, the outcome is already real. Now it is your job to make this core essence intention grow with your focus and your attention, with your words and your actions. The more you take action, the more momentum will build, and you will see the fruits of your work. Manifesting the intentions of your core from an embodied place will turn out to be easier than any other manifestation you have attempted in the past. You will see how life is cooperating for your success and has always been aligned with your core. It is your attention that was placed on the wrong source. Life is your greatest ally. 

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