Should I share my truth with everyone and all the time?

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2022

Discernment is key here.

If your truth is not integrated within you, and you share it prematurely, two things will happen. First, if the person you are sharing your truth with doesn't understand it and can't see your truth, it won't feel good and you will doubt what you know to be true. Second, your truth won't have the clarity and the precision it is meant to have. It will be difficult to be clear and grounded and not get triggered. So next time you have a personal transformational experience and have understood something profound and life-changing, before you share it, make sure you have integrated the information enough to be ok with the other person's response. What you know is sacred. But not everybody around you is where you are and on a similar path as you. Honor your truth, keep it safe and nurtured with your love. You are the one to validate it. You are the one to believe you. You are the one to be the advocate and the mama bear to what you know to be true. There is a time to honor and a time to share. Discernment is key.

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