The Embodied Leader

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2020

Leading others well begins with leading yourself. Being in your body, connected to your passions, your fears, and your intuition makes you powerful. It amplifies your light. When you let your mind be in charge, your reach is minimized. You repeat the old, and there is very little space for creativity and true inspiration. When you are with yourself, within yourself, leading from an embodied place, your words have a quality of resonance to them. Their coherence ignites wisdom and insights in others.
You can be a leader that helps keep the status quo, making sure all run smoothly, so things remain the same. Or you can be a leader for change, an embodied soul whose mere presence is enough to inspire and shift the energy in a room. One keeps you small, and the other is the reason you were born. Be a catalyst for transformation. It is life-giving to everyone around you, including you.

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