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light wayne dyer Mar 11, 2019

Glorious Monday 💙

I wanted to share this with you. A month before he passed away, Wayne sent the email below to a few of us. He was so excited for this book coming out: THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF PETER DEUNOV, for which he wrote the foreword. Here is the foreword. It is so incredibly potent for me these days, especially the "Man Of Light" part. 

"You are holding in your hands a book that I love, written by a Master whom I revere. I am honoured to say a few words in this collection of sayings and writings by the esteemed Peter Deunov in the English language. To me, Beinsa Douno as Dr. Deunov was affectionately referred to in his homeland of Bulgaria, ranks as one of the greatest and most influential spiritual teachers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I remember reading a quote by the eminent scientist Dr. Albert Einstein that prompted me to look into the life and teachings of this man, of whom I'd had no previous knowledge or awareness. "The whole world bows down before me, I bow down before the Master Peter Deunov." As I began to investigate the teachings of this man, I was exposed to a new way of looking at life, one in which the highest principle was something that Deunov called Divine Love. The more I studied the life of this man and his lifetime commitment to creating a world that lived by spiritual precepts and laws, the more I began to realize that this great man, who died when I was only four years of age, and who was born while the American civil war raged on in 1864 was having a huge impact on my own life and teachings. 
I found his teaching slipping into my writing, my lectures all over the world, and particularly in my own personal life as well.

Peter Deunov explained to me via his translated lectures that there are three kinds of love.

The first he called Human Love, that is, a love that changes and varies. "I love you when you please me, and I hate you when you disappoint me." "My love for you is strong and unquestioned this morning, but it fades as the day progresses depending on how I feel and the circumstances surrounding us." The second kind of love that Deunov spoke of he called Spiritual love, that is, a love that varies, but never changes. This is the kind of love often reserved for our immediate family members, especially our children and parents. "It doesn't matter how much you disappoint me, my love for you is eternal and changeless." "My love for you, eternal though it may be, can be hot and cold, again oftentimes dependent upon how you are behaving today, or how I am feeling." But the essence of the teachings of Peter Deunov are in his third category of love, that he called Divine Love. This is a love that never changes and never varies.

This is the kind of love that our source of being has for us. This is the kind of love I am committed to cultivating within myself and all of my teachings as well.

For many years I have given the example of the Orange, asking my audiences to imagine what happens when you squeeze an orange as hard as possible, and inquiring what will come out. The answer, of course, is that the only thing that can come out of an orange is orange juice, because that's what's inside. It doesn't matter who does the squeezing, what the circumstances might be, or anything else, when you squeeze an orange you get what's inside. Then, I would ask my audience to see the metaphor here and become the orange. If someone squeezes you, that puts pressure on you, or behaves rudely to you, or is outright angry toward you what is it that comes out. It doesn't matter who does the squeezing, or what the circumstances might be, you get what's inside. If there is anger, resentment, fear, hatred, stress or anything else inside, that is what will come out, and it has nothing to do with who does the squeezing, just like with the orange. Peter Deunov suggests that when we get to the stage of Divine Love, and that is all that we have inside of us, that is what will be on display. This is the kind of Love that great spiritual masters not only speak about, but that they live at all times. A love that never varies and never changes. It was in the reading of this mans lifetime of spiritual instruction that I began to live each day from the perspective of the orange, that is, to be free of blame, judgment, criticism and condemnation toward any of God's children.

Deunov spoke passionately about the need to create a new man for a world desperately in need of transformation. This is how he described this phenomenon. "The new man who is now being created I call the man of light. Wherever he goes he illuminates things with the light he radiates...The new man is sustained only by positive thoughts and feelings. He lives in joy..He is the man of Truth and Freedom who has found himself...His consciousness transcends the limits of the family, of the nation, even of humanity. He considers himself a citizen of the boundless Universe. The new man and the new world are being born. Tomorrow belongs to them."

I pride myself in my efforts to live and teach as this new man. When I was just a child living in foster homes in America, Peter Deunov put his own unique spiritual understandings to work in a very practical way. He went into deep meditation, saw in his own inner imagination the location of Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria who was in hiding because of the Nazi occupation of Bulgaria, and delivered this message to him via a messenger. "You will find the Tsar and tell him that if he lets Bulgarian Jews be sent to Poland, that will be the end of his dynasty." The Tsar ordered that all of the trains filled with Jews were not to cross the border. The only Jews in Europe to escape in such a miraculous way, went back to their homes. It is estimated that Peter Deunov was responsible for convincing the Tsar to listen to the voice of his own conscience and 48,000 human lives were saved because of the spiritual intuition of this great master. 
The teachings of Peter Deunov are based on three main principles. Divine Wisdom, Divine Truth and especially Divine Love. He felt that the True Master, the Messenger of God is sent to earth with a special mission. He is to reveal the Truth to humanity. Only he who has no violence in him can be a true Master in the world. He is strong but he never preaches violence. 

I am so blessed that I have come to be familiar with the life and teachings of this Master who was so influential in teaching the world about a spiritual Renaissance, about a grand idea whose time is coming and cannot be stopped. I have heard many great teachers speak to the idea that the only thing that is real, is that which never changes. These bodies we occupy and the entire physical universe is in a perpetual state of change, yet there is something within each of us that. Is infinite. Robert Frost put it this way, "We dance round in a ring and suppose...But the Secret sits in the middle and knows." The secret that sits in the center is our infinite awareness, and it was to this that the great Peter Deunov dedicated his entire life. Never wavering even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the two great wars of the twentieth century that impacted his country and our world in such a devastating manner. This was his message, to use his own words, "Only God is unchangeable, everything else in the world changes. This is the great truth! Man's salvation is not his main purpose in life. His main purpose is his perfection." 

This volume is a treasure house of Wisdom, Truth and Divine Love. I urge you to read and contemplate these simple yet profound principles. I feel a deep almost celestial bond with this great man who so impacted our world. I feel his guidance, I experience his presence, even as I sit here writing this brief foreword to this amazing collection of transformative vignettes offered to us by one of the truly great Masters to ever walk among us. He has been instrumental in helping me to understand my own teachings over the last four decades, and in assisting me to become that New Man that he envisioned throughout his entire lifetime. I am deeply honoured to put my name on the foreword to this book, and to have been a student of this Master.

In love and gratitude,

I AM, Wayne Dyer"


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