The Man Of Light

light wayne dyer Mar 11, 2019

Glorious Monday 

I wanted to share this with you. A month before he passed away, Wayne sent the email below to a few of us. He was so excited for this book coming out: THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF PETER DEUNOV, for which he wrote the foreword. Here is the foreword. It is so incredibly potent for me these days, especially the "Man Of Light" part. 

"You are holding in your hands a book that I love, written by a Master whom I revere. I am honoured to say a few words in this collection of sayings and writings by the esteemed Peter Deunov in the English language. To me, Beinsa Douno as Dr. Deunov was affectionately referred to in his homeland of Bulgaria, ranks as one of the greatest and most influential spiritual teachers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I remember reading a quote by the eminent scientist Dr. Albert Einstein that prompted me to look into the life and teachings of this man, of whom I'd had no previous knowledge or awareness. "The whole world bows down...

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Dare To Care Out Loud

talk it wayne dyer Sep 28, 2015

Today is September 28th. It’s the full moon tonight. The first full moon since Wayne Dyer passed on August 30th.

Yesterday was the Super Blood Moon Eclipse. It is said that between 2009 and 2015, the Mayan Calendar predicted a Great Window of opportunity, when humankind would have the chance to fully step into our destiny as loving and compassionate creators.

Yesterday was also the day we (Autopoetic Ideas) brought Rachel Parent to Halifax. Rachel is a 16-year-old youth advocate and the founder of Kids Right To Know, an organization that is asking for the labelling of food that contains GMOs, here in Canada. Rachel’s message is simple: just label it so we can make informed decisions. She was presenting in front of political candidates, as well as concerned individuals, in the hopes of getting a law passed that would require all Canadian GMO foods to be labelled.

I love what Rachel is doing. I love her spirit, her fearlessness, and her commitment. She is only 16 years...

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