The Process of Expansion

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2022

On the path, there comes a time when you can no longer keep for yourself the knowledge you have acquired along the way and the gifts you were born with. Your healing journey has freed you from the weight of insecurity and doubt, and you sense a deep desire to connect with others and share your own unique medicine with the world. You are an artist in the medium of life, a leader, and you want to inspire, teach, entertain, coach, guide others.

Arriving here is such an accomplishment. We know the bravery it takes to choose the awakened path, to face adversity differently than it was modelled to us, to go against how things should be done, to create from the unknown, to commit to it, and to stay loyal to our light, no matter what. We know the immense freedom and joy we find within, the reward for our patience and our trust.

To arrive at this place is also the beginning of a whole new chapter, a whole new way of being in the world. When we choose to step out publicly with what we know, with our light, with our gifts, we are met with new challenges, many of which we don't expect.

First, the healing journey doesn’t end here. In fact, it intensifies. The more you support others, the more assignments you are sent. The world still mirrors the leader’s shadow, and it helps to teach what you want to master. Many wait until they are completely healed to start sharing, but that never happens. Many also stop sharing when they realize they have more work to do. It is important to know that a true guide walks the path alongside her tribe, sharing the journey she grows from with them, taking responsibility for what moves through her and not projecting it onto others. She is not separate from their process, yet her perspective is still enlightening for others. With integrity and openness, she can own her stuff as she guides others.

Second, your personal transformation accelerates. The opportunities for healing, shedding old beliefs and deepening your connection to your message come around more frequently. You are sent in advance what you will need to support the individuals on their way to you. So the more fans, clients, workshops, speaking engagements, and patients you have, the more opportunities the universe will send you. This is a gift. Every time, you get a chance to see the event as an opportunity to shed another layer and to gain even more clarity. This is your life now, an ever-expanding journey deeper within and toward a more etheric and enlightened you.

Third, now that you are bringing your healing outside yourself for others to learn from, you are attracting new kinds of energies into your life. Before others didn’t necessarily see you in this way as you were not public with your process, but now something new is available to them. One of these energies is the energy of the victim. Many people want to feel better momentarily more than they want to really heal. And that is ok. Everyone is at a different place on their path, and when the time is right, and the right person is there, they will be ready to take the leap. But as a leader, it is essential to recognize this because the victim tends to take as much as you will give. And if you don’t have clear boundaries and are used to giving more than you have, they, out of habit, will deplete you. Healers, counsellors, guides, teachers, artists, coaches, therapists who have the gift of unconditional love have offered it disproportionally during childhood to the adults around us. Why? Because we could, we had a clear channel to it, and we didn’t want to lose the love or the connection with our caregivers. Boundaries became unclear, and often we crossed the line in the sand that delimits staying loyal to our light and betraying it in the name of not losing the connection. Redefining this boundary is very important when we become leaders.

Fourth, another energy you might notice you are attracting is the predator energy. This energy is again within people who are beautiful souls, but the pain of what has happened to them is so deep that they only know how to feel better by hurting others, most of the time doing so unconsciously. A dear teacher of mine once said that they are people who want to heal so badly that they don't care if you die. That’s quite a dramatic thing to say, but the metaphor is accurate. They are in survival mode and don't know how to operate any other way. They chose a long time ago that they had to keep a part of their heart closed off to protect themselves. They are beautiful souls who can absolutely be helped. But you betraying your light is not the way. Often you need to remove yourself from their presence to not only keep your light intact but to stop enabling them to take it and continue to avoid doing the deep healing work. Sometimes your absence is the best thing you can do for them. Your gift to them is beyond human love, beyond spiritual love, it is divine love. When you love them in this way it goes beyond the interaction and the human relationship. You love them in the field of love where there are no opposites, and everyone’s light is considered and honoured, including yours. There is a beautiful chapter in Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book Women Who Run With The Wolves called Bluebeard, which addresses the predator energy, I recommend you read it if this resonates with you.

Lastly, your social environment shifts. Often we desperately want our friends, our family members to be peers, to be on the same path as us, and we realize that many of them are not. Again, this is not bad, or good, right or wrong, it’s just part of the fact that we are all on different journeys and here for different reasons. This realization sometimes can bring sadness and a feeling of isolation. But know that your peers are out there, your tribe is waiting for you, they just haven’t come around yet because you recently shifted your energy and your focus. They will come, when your reality within emanates a different signal, you will attract them to you. And the people who might no longer resonate with you might also come around in time. Trust, let go, and all will be taken care of. Patience, commitment and trust will bring you where you want to be.

In divine love,


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