A Visualization Practice for Personal Growth

#embodiment grounding May 25, 2023
Anne Berube
A Visualization Practice for Personal Growth

For approximately 5 to 10 minutes, I would like to do a visualization practice with you. You can keep your eyes open if you'd like, or you can keep them closed, but I'm just going to bring the energy into a holographic future, like inside of our mind's eye, so just make yourself comfortable.

Bring your attention to your breath.

Let's take a few deep breaths at your own rhythm so you can sink into yourself. Whatever you need to do to activate that connection with the wisdom in your body.

With each breath, see if you can sink your attention deeper into your body. In your own time, bring your attention down, down, down maybe all the way until it gets to the base of your spine.

Get away from thoughts, move away from logic, go into the tissues of your body, staying really connected to your body.

Wherever it feels more meaningful, maybe it's your heart right now, maybe it's your belly, maybe it's your toes.

So, know that's your anchor. That's the source of where everything else should come from, going forward during this visualization.

I want you to bring your attention to your mid-brain.

You're breathing deeply into your mid-brains, inside your brain, in the brain matter, tissue. See if you can illuminate it a little bit, bringing in some light, and feeling the light inside the brain. Almost just cleaning house, taking the static away, like being in front of the computer all morning.

And then in that bright illuminated brain space, I want you to bring in the awareness of your path that hasn't been written yet.

We're not looking at images yet. We're just sensing, you can say "my path that hasn't been drawn up yet that I am remembering."

This is in the building and creating. And so you're just kind of bringing it in as energy feeling it, sensing it, it doesn't make any sense right now, it's just a sensation maybe or an awareness.

And then with your next deep breath, I'm going to invite you to project it beyond your eyes, onto a screen; your eyes are closed but there's a screen in front of your eyes now you're projecting it.

On this path, or where you're going, how do you move? How do you speak? How do you walk? How do you run? Let's see if you can visualize yourself on this path and even maybe where you're going. How does your body move? And what does it say? How do you speak? Just notice and observe what comes up on the screen in front of your eyes.

And where are you? What's the ground like? What are your surroundings like? What are you wearing? Wow's your hair on this path that's not been written yet? How's your hair? Is there a quality to your skin? Your eyes? What's special about your eyes in the way you look?

And as you're walking or running, you're aware of your surroundings, you arrive somewhere, you're going somewhere, it's where things happen. Where is that place? What does it look like? And more importantly, what does it feel like? And who's there? Look around you, who's there with you?

There's one thing you know for sure. What is it? Just allowing healing insights, knowings, to come up or in the abstract, in the intuitive imagination, of building this way forward, as weather, and see if you can bring this sound visualization, this image that you have on the screen into your brain. So the idea is to integrate what came up into the tissue of your brain.

Just visualize the merging of what you saw. Just settle into this sixth chakra area energy. Just let it kind of find its place and maybe it sinks a little deeper into your body. Maybe it goes up a bit. See what it wants to do once it's in there.

Breathe, and when you're ready, only when you're ready, you can gently open your eyes and write down the thing that came up that might feel meaningful.

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