Are You Living a Life With or Without Trust?

trust Sep 08, 2023

Deepening our trust in ourselves and in life allows us to reclaim a power we have disconnected from a long time ago, a power that lives in the body.

When rediscovered, this power helps us tap into our purpose from within and lead our life guided from within.

I'd like to share with you a visual guide—a compass of sorts—that beautifully illustrates the transformation that occurs when we choose to invite trust into our lives.

The chart below juxtaposes 'A life without trust' with 'A life with trust', illuminating the shift from self-doubt to self-love, from the fear of failure to viewing it as an opportunity for growth, and so much more.

It's a gentle reminder that when we choose to trust, we allow our inner light to guide us, transforming our fear into freedom. Now, let's dive into this exploration together.

From Fear to Freedom: 10 Powerful Shifts Through Embracing Trust

A life without trust

A life with trust


Practice self-love

Fear of failure

Embrace failure as learning

Over-reliance on other people’s opinions

Learn to honour your own intuition

Reluctance to ask for help or support

Seek support

Resistance to change

Communicate your expectations, concerns and boundaries

Emotional guardedness and stagnation

Embrace curiosity

Difficulty finding joy and gratitude

Learn how to surrender in the right environment

Inability to surrender or let go

Practice self-inquiry and self-reflection

Control issues

Embrace the present moment

Stress and anxiety

Tap into the flow of life


The power of trust: Unveiling a path to inner peace, joy, and freedom

Over the past two decades, through speaking, writing, and teaching workshops, I have had the privilege of guiding people to love who they are unconditionally, reclaim abandoned parts of themselves, and find more inner peace, joy, and freedom.

Time and time again, I saw men and women desiring something new, more meaningful, and wanting to surrender the past, but not being able to trust enough to let go.

Trust is an essential element for any true transformation and a sense of fulfillment for two major reasons:

  • Trust allows us to be vulnerable while feeling connected and safe.
  • Trust enables us to go to new places and explore new territories without worrying that we will be interrupted or punished for having put our walls down.

But to feel connected and safe, we need to know who and what to trust; we want to learn how to discern the information available to us.

We live in a world where we have lost the gatekeepers of truth.

Our grandparents had librarians, church, publishers, and news organizations they felt confident in.

But now, online, where we get our information, has become a feedback loop through a broken mirror.

People feel the tension between the spiritual and the logical, feeling and common sense, divinity and science—what feels true and what is actually true.

We need a new standard of truth. The truth about truth if you will.

Because a life without trust can have emotional, psychological, and social implications.

The absence of trust makes it difficult for us to form close relationships, find joy and gratitude, to evolve emotionally, to grow intellectually, to embrace the present moment, to be self aware, to have self compassion, to be accepting, to be spontaneous, to seek support… and the list goes on.

A lack of trust shuts down curiosity and doesn’t allow for adventure and surprises.

It keeps us stuck, replaying the same old patterns. It prevents us from experiencing fulfillment and contentment.

Self check-in: Are you living with/without trust?

[Review the chart] (insert anchor link to chart at top of blog post) to determine which qualities apply to you.

If you find yourself identifying more in the “Without” category than the “With,” that’s perfectly okay.

Before we can reclaim trust, it’s important to tune into where we are right now. It’s an essential piece to the roadmap.

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