Embodied Parenting: A New Perspective

Hello, wonderful community! Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting a profound conversation with the insightful and wise Naomi Irons on the Embodied podcast.

I am excited to share this enriching podcast conversation with you, and I wholeheartedly recommend listening to the full episode for a wealth of wisdom and enlightenment.

Highlights from my discussion with Naomi include:

  • The importance of allowing children to be seen, heard, and acknowledged for who they truly are
  • A paradigm shift in how we perceive all relationships, including the one we have with ourselves
  • How parents can help kids stay in the present moment to understand how their uniqueness is part of the future they are creating for themselves 

In our conversation, Naomi talks about how she sees her parenting role with her two teenage children: 

"One of my only roles right now is to really stay in the present moment with them and to keep allowing them to see that they are already living life, they're already creating, they're already brilliant and unique in what it is that they are taking action in, moment to moment, day to day—and really keeping that as the bigger picture so that as this definition of adulthood rushes towards all of us right now, it's really for them to recognize the blueprint that is emerging from inside of them that is so unique to them." 

You can listen to our hour-long conversation wherever you get your podcasts or visit the podcast episode page: Raised By Gaia.

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