A Guided Meditation to Uncover Your Inner Light

meditation Jul 09, 2023
Anne Berube
A Guided Meditation to Uncover Your Inner Light

This ten-minute guided meditation invites participants to focus on their breath and heart to connect with their innermost selves. 

Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Make your breath deeper and more expanded. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. As you breathe deeply like this, just let your body know that for the next 10 minutes, there's nothing for you to do, nowhere to go, nothing to be worried about or concerned about but just letting yourself be guided.

As you go deeper into yourself see if you can reach for your in-breath deep inside your belly, so your belly is soft, like a Buddha belly, just hanging, and allowing the belly to expand, and the ribcage, and shoulder blades go back. And then when you breathe out and invite your jaw to drop, constricting the throat a little bit, softening your lips, your teeth, your gums, your jaw, the back of your neck, front of your throat with every exhalation, that's it.

Constricting the throat a little bit allowing this massaging of the vagus nerve to happen. Sending relaxing signals to your nervous system. There's no need to be vigilant, to be on alert. Soft and open, and relaxed, that's it.

And as you continue to breathe deeply like this, and start by bringing our attention to our heart in our heart space. So the whole space is at the level of the heart chakra, breathing deeply into that beautiful space, sensing, noticing what is happening there. Is there tightness, rawness, emotions, space—whatever it is, just breathe into that experience, and let that'd be the truth of the moment.

Now let's bring our focus in a little bit more and into the organ of the heart. Your focus goes from the entire space of the heart chakra into the organ of the heart, breathing deeply into the cells of the heart and noticing what is the experience of being there right now. Sensing, feeling, noticing how it feels to be there and what communication is happening. I want you to ask the question: What do I need to know? And again, you allow the answer to emerge not looking for the answer. What do I need to know, talking directly, intimately with your heart? The organ of your heart. And listening.

Now bringing your attention in even more, behind your heart, on your spine, is the essence of your heart. So you're bringing your attention and your breath behind the organ of your heart, on the spinal cord, on your spine, there's a little centre there, small, but it's strong. So feeling the space on the spine behind the heart, breathing into that smaller space, and noticing what is the experience of being there.

And then see if you can feel or sense the communication that is happening right there in the essence of the heart and ask the question: What do I need to know?

The language might be even more abstract, more subtle, but it is there, there's a communication—what do I need to know? And breathe into that very small but mighty space on your spine.

In the next step, we're going to go in even smaller, so now we're going into a razor-thin space in the bone of our spine. In the bone right there behind the heart, we enter the bone.

Deep breaths; we go into this razor-thin space inside our bone where there is light, where there is the fundamental consciousness of who we are. In this light, through this very tiny slit is the light from the star from our home from where we come from. So it expands beyond our human form and for a moment, it helps us travel all the way back to our origin. Where we were born, our soul was born as a result, of a beautiful explosion of light.

As you travel back home to your light home ask the question: What do I need to know? What do I need to know?

Again, feeling, sensing the experience of that question, and bringing that knowing back through the light beam all the way back into the bone behind your heart and your awareness coming through the razor-thin slit, expanding into that space behind your heart. Allowing all that you brought back to settle into that space into your human body. Letting it reach down and up and sideways. No need to know exactly intellectually what it all means. Just inviting and allowing it to move and settle in your body up, down, sideways through. Noticing it to move through your heart, the actual organ of your heart, filling up your whole heart space.

Before we conclude the meditation, take a moment of gratitude for the connection, for the ability to know in a very different way, who we really are.

And when you're ready, only when you're ready, you can open your eyes.

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