Continuously rebirthing our light into matter

Anne Berube
Continuously rebirthing our light into matter
I often invite my clients to imagine their body as a prism, just like the one on the Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd CD cover: the white light represents our core essence, our light force, the prism represents the body, and the rainbow represents the life you create, your expression in the world, your words and your actions.
When the body is clear and peaceful, the expression of our light force is in alignment, in resonance with our source, and we feel grounded, well, content. When our body is cluttered or clouded, the movement of light is interrupted, we feel out of sync, tired, stressed, anxious, or depressed, especially if we try to address the issue mainly with our intellect.
We can't always have a clear vessel. It's not the goal, and it really shouldn't be the destination because, by virtue of being boundless consciousness expressing through a three-dimensional body, we will constantly (unless we shed the body) be going through contraction and expansion.
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