Contemplating Karma

consciousness karma Jul 03, 2019

Sitting on my new light-grey sofa, looking out the window at my lush front yard, listening to the birds, sipping on my delicious bulletproof coffee this morning, I was contemplating the concept of karma. I was trying to get to its simplest form: the perpetual wheel of desires followed by actions and perceptions, and then more desires, the cycle we all are caught up in, by virtue of being in human form and desiring things. There is nothing wrong with wanting things, it’s just that what we want can’t last. For many of us, moving through this layer of letting go of desire feels like letting go of being human altogether. So contemplating that brings us to wonder: if we could interrupt the cycle of pleasure and suffering for a greater experience of existence, would we?

Desire is such a central and exciting part of being human. To let it go completely would be missing out on the sensuality and the pure pleasure of being a spiritual being living in a human body. After all, we...

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