Let Your Fire Awaken You to Who You Truly Are

In 2008 I was about to lead my very first weekend workshop, a long-held dream come true. The week before the event I was incredibly nervous to the point of being ready to cancel. To say I was frustrated with myself would be an understatement.
I called Laura Kealoha, my Kahuna on Kauai, and she gave me a simple yet brilliant piece of advice that has stayed with me ever since:
“Have you considered that this feeling you are having might actually be excitement, but it just feels different? Focus your anxiousness into a concrete action toward your goal, just as you would with your enthusiasm. Use that nervous feeling and put it into taking care of the details of the retreat, making handouts, writing the schedule, whatever is left to do. That energy you feel is your fire and it wants and needs to be actualized.”
To reclaim your soul is to reclaim a force that is more powerful than anything else. This force is your fire, your light, your sun. It has...
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