The Power of Togetherness in Times of Uncertainty

Thank you so much to everyone who joined our online gathering today. Below is the recording, for those of you who missed it. Share it far and wide. This conversation feels like a warm blanket of comfort and calm, in a time of high uncertainty. It might just be what your friends, your family members need right now: the permission to feel it all as is without judgement, the chance to be in the energy of compassion and gentleness of a loving community, and the nuggets of personal and impersonal truths from this powerful group. Enjoy!

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transformation Sep 16, 2019

For most of my 20s, autumn was associated with drama. Something about the weather changing and school starting again made me slip into a mild depression and I would react by creating unnecessary conflict and intensity in my relationships, as to keep me awake and entertained! In reality, I was trying to avoid the discomfort of an inner malaise, one I had been keeping at bay with summer distractions, but would have to face once the winter weather enticed me to spend more time looking inwards and being alone with myself.

The passing of seasons, the rising and setting of the sun, the blooming of a flower and the metamorphosis of a caterpillar are all-natural cycles that represent phases of life. We, humans, are interconnected with these cycles in nature and we are affected by the beginnings and the ends occurring around as well as within. They manifest as intense emotions, confusion, a feeling of being lost, tightness, and sometimes pain. When autumn and winter come around, the energy...

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