Discernement, Calibration of Energy, and The Voice Chakra

Our voice is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds. We BECOME when we speak the truth of our experience, when we put sound to what we know to be true. We accelerate our healing and transformation when we sound ourselves out and are witnessed by others. Although we can do a lot of personal development work in the privacy of our own mind, if we don't go out into the world and are not heard and seen for who we truly are, we can only go so far in realizing our soul. Our voice is the instrument the fire of our soul needs to actualize itself.
In my live programs, I see firsthand how life-changing it is to speak out loud the truth of our own experience and be witnessed by others. We can speak our truth more easily when we feel safe and can be witnessed by a group that is compassionate and non-judgemental. This kind of environment helps our nervous system redefine safety, so when we go back into the world, there is less of an edge to our emotions when we want to speak. When we find this freedom inside, our world outside shifts as well. That is the magic of coming together in person, to see and hear each other, to help each other see the truth that lies within. Having these conversations is my very favorite thing to do.

One of the Vedic sutras of the throat chakra is discernment. Discernment helps us see the difference between what we know for sure and what should be spoken in the moment. We can all relate to the experience of oversharing in a way that didn't feel good, safe, or even true. Discernment is an art that is mastered through embodiment.

It's not because we know something to be true that we should share it with others immediately. Sometimes, the truth needs to integrate first before it can be shared confidently. We all have had the experience of sharing something so raw and sacred with someone who didn't get it, only to doubt ourselves after, wondering if what we knew to be true is actually true. Until an experience is integrated into all parts of your being, and you feel so secure with your truth, so much so that if someone shuts it down, it won't change your mind, until then it is wiser to hold on to what you know and wait to share it, or chose your audience wisely.

Other times, the truth can be too overwhelming for the other person; it's better to offer little pieces of information at a time. As a facilitator or a healer, this kind of discernment is so important. The best way to know if the truth is ready to be shared with a client or a participant is to sink into your own body and calibrate the energy between you and the other person. This means that you are sensing/feeling/connecting with the present-moment energy of the person in front of you, through you first. I often say that if you can't be fully embodied, meaning, in direct and intimate contact with the internal space of your body when you are supporting another person, you should take a step back and deepen your self-connection.

Doing spiritual work, especially shamanic work, from a disembodied and more ego or intellectual place can lead people to the wrong place and on a path they are not ready for. Spiritual bypassing (avoiding doing the deep work, avoiding taking full responsibility for what moves through us, and entertaining spiritual concepts superficially) can feel good in the moment but does not create lasting and meaningful changes. Discernment and calibration are essential to the well-being and success of the people you work with.
Of course, there is also a time when truth should not be held back, when the environment is safe, you feel safe in your body, and the burning desire to speak is strong. That is called embodied fire. Expressed with discernment, embodied fire literally reshapes our reality on the spot. Our spoken wisdom sets healthy boundaries, creates new things, and transforms us at our core. This is the purpose of our lives, to realize the fire of our souls.
This meditation will help with just that. It will help regulate your throat chakra and support you in the discernment of the information moving through you to express the wisdom of your soul more confidently: https://www.anneberube.com/downloadables-2 Enjoy!

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