Discernement, Calibration of Energy, and The Voice Chakra

Our voice is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds. We BECOME when we speak the truth of our experience, when we put sound to what we know to be true. We accelerate our healing and transformation when we sound ourselves out and are witnessed by others. Although we can do a lot of personal development work in the privacy of our own mind, if we don't go out into the world and are not heard and seen for who we truly are, we can only go so far in realizing our soul. Our voice is the instrument the fire of our soul needs to actualize itself.
In my live programs, I see firsthand how life-changing it is to speak out loud the truth of our own experience and be witnessed by others. We can speak our truth more easily when we feel safe and can be witnessed by a group that is compassionate and non-judgemental. This kind of environment helps our nervous system redefine safety, so when we go back into the world, there is less of an edge to our emotions when we want to speak. When we find...

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