Embracing Your Inner Light: Navigating Destiny and Purpose

Introduction to our inner light

At the moment of our soul's incarnation, when the unique light that defines us settles into a human cell at conception, the seeds of our destiny are embedded within this light. We enter this world as a spark of light, and this luminosity remains our core essence throughout our lives. By understanding the qualities of our inner light, we can uncover the seeds of our destiny that we carry within us.

The dynamic nature of our light

One fundamental quality of our light is its dynamic nature; it is never stagnant. It seeks movement in all directions: downward and inward, upward and outward, through every part of our being, and forward into the future. This movement allows the light to expand within our bodies and the space around us, driving us towards our purpose and destiny.

The concept of destiny

Destiny, in essence, is the force of our purpose—it's the intelligent thread that weaves through our lives, guiding us always. We can sense this guiding force at the front of our bodies, like a fiery string pulling us forward. It may not have words or a tangible form, but when we connect with it, we experience a sense of crystal-clear clarity.

Seeking clarity in our purpose

Often, when we seek to understand our purpose, we hope for a clear role, title, or vision to emerge in our consciousness. How much simpler it would be if it were so! However, I've come to realize that the clarity we seek is not an intellectual understanding. True clarity comes from interoception, our ability to sense, feel, and ultimately comprehend the energetic dynamics within us.

Experiencing the pull of purpose

The pull of purpose manifests as a direct, abstract experience within our bodies. There are at least two distinct bodily experiences we can observe. 

  1. One is the light carrying information and energy from our past, which we can describe as the pull of healing.
  2. The other is the light bearing information and energy from our emerging selves, which is the pull of purpose. 

Both these pulls are discernible and significant in our journey towards understanding and fulfilling our destiny.

The pull of healing

When the past comes up in the body, it is time to return the bound-up information that was trapped years ago. Why now? Because for our whole being to move forward with transformation and expansion, our body needs space for the emergent information (the information of who we are becoming) and access to the energy that is bound up in the body. That very energy holds power, the power that we unconsciously gave away to something or someone else. The timing for the past coming up is always intelligent, always offering an invitation we are ready to accept, and it is the way forward to heal and feel more ourselves.

These kinds of impulses are felt in the deep tissue of the body, deep in the organs, the fascia, muscles, the skeleton, and the nervous system. We can also notice them in the chakra system, and they often hide in the back, meaning they show up as sensations in our lower, middle, and upper back, our shoulder blades, the back of our neck, the back of our throat, the back of the mouth, and the back of the head.

They can feel like a dull humming, sharp, diffused, or dull pain, achiness, shame, sadness, apathy, or heavy objects like a pit in the stomach, a weight in the belly, or tightness. If we are lucky, it can feel like anger, because anger is usually hidden by shame, helplessness, or disappointment, and anger is more easily moved.

Inviting this energy to move and return home with love creates space for the new, for the emergent you.

On the other hand, the direct experience of the pull of purpose is more nuanced. Although it has always been accessible, this experience was mostly available to people who could channel entities back, especially in the 20th century. We would go to oracles, mediums, and psychics to understand the pull of our higher self and who we were meant to be. These people seemed to have a direct connection to the divine, to the mystery we were so curious about. Many of us still consult esoteric practitioners, but the huge difference is that now, every single person has direct access to their own thread of light, to the wisdom of the universe. The time has come for us to own our ability to self-guide through life, knowing and trusting that we can know why we were born, use our whole being to express it, and move forward on our path with confidence.

The pull of purpose

The direct experience of the pull of purpose happens more on the front of the body and in the subtle space right in front of our skin. This energy can be intense or subtle, depending on our relationship with it. If we listen, it will guide us with ease and grace. If we ignore it, it will guide us a bit more intensely.

Destiny is pure light pulling us forward, energetically laying the path before us. We can feel this without knowing the whole vision. It's a feeling of wanting to take an intelligent and guided step forward in the direction of our purpose. So it requires trust, not in knowing intellectually where we are going, but in trusting the impulse of light and the movement forward. The intellectual understanding we seek comes after we express the impulse, not before.

This impulse can feel like tingling on the skin like gooseflesh or restlessness, high vibrating energy in the whole body or in a specific area, an intense awareness of the sensitivity of your heart and the space behind the heart, a spark in your solar plexus, chills on the front of your belly, or the movement of energy in the front of your throat, on your lips, in the third eye area of your forehead, or the top of your head, where the soft spot on a baby's head is and right above. You can also feel it in the space past your skin like a field around you, inviting you to grow into it.

It can also feel like frustration. Frustration is a positive experience. It means that the light pulling is trying to get your attention, but at this moment, you are not accepting the invitation. The invitation is to notice, love, engage, and express the impulse. If the invitation is not accepted, we will feel frustrated. Frustration is an indicator that we have a need that is not being met. Often for me, it is the need to be understood that is not met. And if we don't meet the need, we will be disappointed and want to blame someone or something for how we feel. This will create just more frustration. In these moments, I am the one to meet my need, to show the energy that I understand her, that she belongs with me in my life. So when you feel this frustration or disappointment and the intensity in your body rises, notice the direct experience in the body, engage it by breathing into it, bring it into the base of your spine for perspective, and notice what it really wants, how it wants to be expressed. Then express it by bringing it outside of you with writing, dancing, speaking, painting, drawing... any outward expression will help. This will release the frustration and allow you to take that step toward your light deeply desires. 

Both the energy of the past and the energy of destiny are important to notice and address. Both ways are useful, and they have their time. If someone is new to the path of intentional expansion, un-bounding the information of the past, decloaking the soul from the conditioned self, and making space inside is the powerful way to go for healing and transformation. It is how someone can reclaim ownership of themselves, see how they can heal on their own, and start a journey of self-responsibility toward who they are becoming. On the other hand, it could create a gap in understanding and their ability to experience healing if they are introduced to the pull of destiny when they can't feel that yet. It is interesting information, intellectually appealing, but it won't bring embodied or sustainable results. In fact, it might turn the person off of the path or create spiritual bypassing. 

The pull of light as a way of leading

Lately, I have been more interested in using the pull of light as the agent for healing, growth, and transformation. It is relatively new to me to consciously live this way fully and all the time. In the past two decades, I have focused more on creating space to invite purpose as opposed to focusing on the pull of purpose and its power to guide the way. 

This way of moving through the world has been brewing in me for a while now, but it integrated into my body in Sedona while leading my Mastermind Retreat. The piece that left the night of the car accident 22 years ago merged back inside me during a meaningful conversation led by my mother-in-law. In that moment, an ancient feminine leadership energy poured into the back of my neck and filled my body with a full-body awareness of the way forward. I see this presence sometimes as a divine feminine chief, sometimes as a female wild feline. Since then, the pull of light, as sensations and feelings inside myself, is clear. No more wavering, no more questioning the origin of my purpose.

There is a new strength in my back body, a stable foundation which has been mended and pieced back together, that holds me up, more solid than ever, with an ability to confidently take charge of my destiny. And there is a softness in my front body, an openness, a vulnerability without walls, a raw heart, an innocence, a tender belly that allows me to feel it all and receive goodness.

My back body has my front body's back. My strength has my sensitivity's back. I can play and be joyful, I can weep and feel pain, all the while knowing that if I require protection or alertness, my back body will instinctually spring into action and do what is needed. This allows me to not be vigilant when I don't need to.

With my tender front, I get to know the way forward. This is what allows me to feel and know the pull of my thread of light. This brings clarity.

Allowing the pull of destiny to guide the way feels fun, and transformation is much faster than when we focus on the past. It accelerates evolution, sometimes in a way that can leave my head spinning, but in a wonderful way!

Because the light that we are is intelligent and knows where it's going and what it wants and needs, it will clear the body of the old much faster than if we focused on the energy of the past. It's instant, and we have insight about the next step forward.

The pull of destiny has always been there, and it has always supported us through our healing. It is the feeling of hope, of excitement about the future, of becoming who we are meant to be that we feel when we are ready to transform. It has been there all along. But we can now let it guide the way in a more conscious way.

Remember, light can't stay stagnant; it needs to move and expand. So the expression of the pull of purpose will change. The “how” you express and the “what” you create must change over the years. We can only hold onto our creations and the way we do things for a short time. The pull will always bring us forward into a new, more expanded, and exciting way of expressing. We have to say yes to the new invitation and flow with the new.

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